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        He stood looking out at the mountain view off the balcony, really large enough to be a full patio. The Air B & B had been easy enough to rent after seeing the article about it, a private castle-themed villa in the Colorado Rockies. Worth the cost even after the attention that article had drawn. The drive after dropping the kids with the grandparents had been beautiful, winding mountain roads and time for them to relax and leave all of their day to day stresses behind as they sang along to the radio and just talked. It seemed like time to talk was so scarce these days. Always nice to find that their connection was as strong as ever.

        She walked out from the glass doors that made up one wall of their room, throwing her head back with a sigh to bask in the sunlight hitting her skin. She had plenty of it on display, having changed into a bikini top and a billowing sarong. He loved when she dressed like this and hadn’t seen it in a long while. Now they had the next few days in the middle of the week to themselves, this fantastic location and what was forecast to be bright warm weather their entire stay.

        She smiled widely at him and bounced forward the last few steps to jump into his arms, both laughing as she pulled him in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, holding her as the kiss grew deeper and she writhed against him. When they broke apart he was grinning and it only grew as he processed what she had to say.

        “Will you play with me, Sir?” She bit her lip coitishly, knowing it drove him crazy as she backed away to lean against the waist high stone wall.

        “Of course, Miss. I’m always happy to play.”

        “All weekend?” She saw his eyes go wide and smiled brightly at him. “You can do whatever you want with me. We almost never get the chance…” She swayed side to side uncertainly, revealing a bit of apprehension at admitting so openly that she wanted to be used. She knew she didn’t have to worry, he would probably jump at the chance. It was still a bit scary to ask.

        Instead of answering verbally her growled at her, stepping closer to pull her into a kiss again. His hands began to roam over her, sliding along her bare sides and making her shiver before sliding down under her round cheeks to lift her closer to him. She broke the kiss this time, blushing a bit with how bold she intended to be, but she knew just what she wanted.

        “Nobody else is here, right?”

        He grinned ravenously at her. “Nobody else for miles.”

        She smiled and nodded subconsciously, then turned herself around to face out at the mountains. Her hands went to her sarong and slid the thin material apart to drop around her ankles, revealing only smooth skin beneath. She put her hands on the wall and looked back over her shoulder at him to ask “Will you fuck me hard, Sir? Make me beg for it?”

        He was on her almost immediately, but not how she expected. She turned to look back at the view and waited for his hands on her waist to start pulling her back onto him, but she was surprised by his tongue instead. He had taken a knee behind her, his hands gripping and spreading her cheeks as he buried his face between them and started to lick. She cried out then laughed and began to pant as his tongue followed the slick track from top to bottom and circled her clit. She could feel him breathing, hot air sending shivers down her legs then the guilty pleasure of his breathing in her scent just as he was tasting her. She came quickly, his warm lips wrapped around her mound as his tongue flicked and stroked over it bringing her to a jolting, panting climax. She cried out again when his tongue moved to slide into her, tasting the spicy sweetness of her orgasm and bringing another wave as he lapped at her.

        He plunged his tongue as deeply as he could, pulling her towards him and soaking in the view of mountains above flowing smoothly to the exposed curve of her shoulders, stretched expanse of her back, cheeks pushed up and apart by his hands and her tight asshole right before his eyes as he tasted how wet he had made her. The only problem was the bow of her top in the center of back and he decided to do away with it immediately.

        He stood, planting his left hand on her lower back to let her know she should stay in place bent over the wall bottomless, and his right pulled a string to reveal her completely nude. He dropped his own clothes from the waist down and pulled his shirt off over his head, standing just as free behind her before reaching for her again. He slid in easily, one long smooth stroke to bring her back against him as she whimpered and he decided that wouldn’t do.

        “We’re the inly people here,” He told her gruffly, wrapping the fingers of his left hand around the back of her neck as his right found their way around her waist to begin working her clit again. “Scream as loud as you can for me.” Then he proceeded to give her every reason to have her voice echoing off the cliffs around them.

        She could feel him building and got ready for the pumping warmth he’d give her as he finished. She was more than ready; even after being so expertly eaten she’d had two more herself. His breath was coming faster and every stroke was hard and deep, he must be getting very close. So it was a bit of a surprise when she felt him leave her suddenly, then she understood as his hand on her neck pulled her down and around. She dropped to her knees for him and opened her mouth, leaning in to take him as she often did. “No!” He gasped out and she looked up at him curiously, half addled herself from the endorphins. “On your face!” She let out an agreeing noise and leaned in further, closing her eyes and leaving her mouth open wide for him to avoid or fill as he saw fit.

        The first string was always a shock, then she knew what to expect and smiled inwardly and outward as he kept cumming for her. He gave her more than normal; the drive had given them plenty of time for fantasy talk and it wasn’t every day he got to decorate his Miss outdoors in the bright daylight. She was laughing a bit when he finally finished, sure she looked like a mess as she felt his warm semen running down her cheeks and chin to drip onto her breasts. She did laugh as his fingers wiped the areas around her eyes clean and moaned a bit as he wiped his fingers in turn on her tongue. Then wearing and tasting her Sir she took his offered hands and stood to see him grinning ear to ear.

        “That was incredible.” He told her and she agreed then started to reach for her sarong. Shame to get it dirty this early but she had another in her lugguage. He grabbed her wrist to stop her. “No,” He told her in a commanding tone she usually only heard before she had brought him off like this. “No cleaning up. You’re mine, and you’re going to wear me while we look around.” Her expression of shock and bashful embarrassment now had him laughing. He leaned over and snatched up her wrap and top off the ground, then stood to pull his own bottoms back on and point one arm towards the stairs that would lead them out to the walking path and the rest of the property. “After you, Miss.”

        Without many other options she slowly turned, then put her chin up and decided that she would do her best to pretend she didn’t feel any different at all. Walking naked around a strange property. In the middle of the day. Covered in fresh cum. She started off and let out a loud yelp at the ringing slap he gave her backside before starting after her. Both were grinning as they headed off.




        When they came to the outside shower he saw her looking at it longingly and decided to relent.

        “You’ve been a very good girl,” He told her as she turned to him at the sound of his voice. “Let’s get you cleaned off.” They both walked in to find it was a spiral of stone walls with an open center, a bench to one side and a rain showerhead on the other. He put her things down and again stripped himself as she waited patiently to be told what to do. She had asked to be his plaything for the whole trip, and he was absolutely making it exciting for her! He would just have to let her know what he wanted and she’d wait until he did.

        When he turned and found her standing attentively but unmoving beside the shower he smiled and told her to move directly under it and get down on her knees. Once there he worked to adjust her position, having her sit back on her heels and place her hands on her thighs which he carefully spread to give her more balance and himself a better view. A hand pushing on her back and a sharp command had her straighten it and he seemed satisfied. When he stood up again and stepped back it was to nod and walk around her, taking in the sight of his nude Miss from every angle. He commented on her still decorated face and breasts, and asked if she would like to be clean again.

        “Yes Sir.” She answered, following him by turning her face as he paced around her and she was reminded again of how predatory he could be. She smiled at him and got one in return; his because of their play and hers because she loved that she had him all to herself, his chosen prey. “You will stay perfectly still. You will not move, do you understand Miss?”

        “Yes Sir.”

        “Tell me. I want to hear you say it out loud.”

        “I will not move Sir.”

        A second later she was screaming and had to stop herself from jumping up, her fingers going white gripping her thighs as the freezing cold spray of the shower coming on hit her. As the water quickly warmed up she glared at him only half jokingly as she said “Sadist.”

        He laughed and checked them temperature with his hand, finding it heating up nicely now. “I’m just enjoying being in complete control.” He went back to watching her and leaned over to move he sopping wet hair to one shoulder, letting the spray of water wash her whole front clean. “Now what should I do with you, Miss?” His voice held a wondering quality as it trailed off saying “Anything I’d like…”

        She was just starting to wonder exactly what she had really agreed to, unable to see him moving behind her again, when he came back in front and bent to lift her from under her arms. Once she was standing again he took her hands and pulled them far out to either side, placing them against the stone to either side of the shower and leaving her standing under the now comfortably warm water raining down and the warmer sun over them both. It was an interesting feeling letting him move and pose her, a new kind of submission she was finding she thoroughly enjoyed.

        “You will not move from that position.” He told her in his commanding voice, and she nodded back at him. At his raised eyebrow she said it out loud. “I will not move Sir.”

        “Good girl.” He told her again, and started running his fingertips over her. She leaned into them and he pulled back saying “No no, no moving. Are you going to need a punishment to keep you in place?” She grinned and whimpered at once, knowing that if he wanted to make her move he undoubtedly could. He was grinning as well while he thought, then trced his hands over he front once more as he told her why she should stay still. “If you take your hands off the walls, Miss,” His hand came up under her chin and pulled her eyes up to meet his, “I’m going to cum as far down your throat as I can.” Her eyes widened and she no longer needed his direction to keep her gaze locked with his. “I won’t let you pull back or use your hand on my shaft to keep me from going too deep. I will put my cock as far down your throat as I can, then I’ll take hold of your hair and pull you in to go even deeper and I will hold you there while I shoot my entire load inside you.” She panicked and began to beg. He began to play.

        His hands ran over every inch of her, sometimes sensual and tracing love notes along her skin. Sometimes rubbing and sliding inside to curl and hit the spots he knew so well. Once to tickle her until she was screaming that it wasn’t fair. He kept the water hot and her hotter as he worked her top and bottom, front and back until she was in a continuous uncontrollable shudder from the waist down. As another shattering wave of ecstasy moved through her, she cried out as his teeth again found her shoulder and she felt her hand slip off the wall.


        They cooked dinner together, salad and salmon in an orange glaze to keep it light enough that they’d want to keep playing and easy enough to do on the grill. The night was gorgeous, warm and breezy with dark falling quickly as the mountains on all sides shortened sunset and brought out the stars early. After eating they decided on the hot tub they’d found earlier in the day and set to warm up, and walked out together in bathrobes with nothing underneath.
        She leaned back against her Sir, looking up to watch the stars in comfortable silence. After a bit she decided to tell him how much she had been enjoying the day.

        “Really?” He asked, his surprise evident. “All of it? I was afraid I’d gone too far…”

        “Mmhmm!” She told him happily, turning her face up and back to him. “Every bit of it, Sir!” She smiled shyly and looked down for a moment to build up the courage to tell him “I really like when… when you really use me.” She looked back up quickly to check his reaction, worry fading away as he kissed her.

        His hands started straying and she invitingly opened her legs, her own hands directing his down to stroke and rub her as she writhed against him. His left came up to hold her face towards him and keep her in a kiss as he felt her getting close yet again, his right bringing her to a steadily building climax that had her moaning into his lips then shuddering and relaxing completely against him.

        After being held for a minute her own hands moved down and back, finding him erect and waiting. She began slowly stroking his shaft, sliding her fingers along his length as she let herself imagine the feel of it sliding in and out of her. She pushed herself up to fully straddle him reverse cowgirl and lowered down, guiding his head into her and sighing as his own hands pulled her down by waist and shoulders to take him. She set a slow, comfortable pace, not trying to get either of them to the finish line but simply enjoying the feel of him filling her. Relaxing back against him without taking him out, she began to tense her pelvic muscles, pulsing around him and feeling him stir in response each time. She could play too.
        He gave her a warning growl, “you get me started again Miss you’re going to get taken as long as I can.” He’s fully erect again, stretching her deliciously as she resumes moving slightly up and down.
        “Well then Sir,” she tells him over her shoulder with a voice dripping with mischief, “I should make sure I’m getting what I deserve.”
        She lifts up and off of him, pulling his hard cock completely out of her, reaching down between her legs to hold him in place as she lowers down again this time directing his swollen tip to press into her tight back door. He realizes what she’s doing and almost freezes, not wanting to change her mind, until she gasps as his head pushes into her past the tight ring of muscle and she says “pull me down on you, Sir. Put your cock as deep inside me as you can!”
        He doesn’t hesitate and she doesn’t hold back, crying out loudly as his hands pull firmly down on her hips and push his entire length up into her ass. Once in place he puts an arm around her waist, the other draping over her shoulder to cross her chest and cup the opposite breast as he holds her close back to chest and the both just take in the sensation of having her so completely filled by him.
        When she’s caught her breath again and gotten some control over her quivering legs, she looks back to kiss him slow and deep, still holding her hips in place with him buried fully inside her. When their lips break apart she asks almost shyly “what will you do with me, Sir?” Eliciting another deep growl.
        His hands move to gently fold her forearms behind her back one on top of the other, then his left comes up to wrap his grip around her neck and pull her again back against his chest, effectively pinning her arms between them. His free right hand turns her by the chin to kiss him once more then traces the line of her jaw. Her eyes go wide as her smiles at her, telling her gruffly “I’m going to hold you like this, with your ass full of my cock, while I rub and finger and play with you. I’m going to see just how many times I’ll have to make you cum before you’ll admit to me that you love being my anal slut.”
        She begins to squirm as his right hand moves down her chest and stomach to slide between her spread legs, held open by his knees pushing against the inside of her thighs. His left hand clamps down on her throat and pulls her back tighter against him, keeping her arms folded between them as he begins to rub slowly at her clit.


        She holds out as long as she’s able, the latest orgasm brought on by his index and middle finger inside her rubbing through the thin membrane separating her entrances, effectively stroking himself inside her with her most sensitive clusters of nerves caught in the middle. When his thumb comes into play rubbing her exposed and excited mound she throws her head back and screams in ecstasy, thrashing side to side as she’s overtaken by an ongoing climax hitting her in wave after unrelenting wave.
        “I’m your anal slut, Sir!” She cries out in a panic, begging for the overwhelming sensations to stop. “Please!”
        She could hear his grin as he spoke, not stopping any of his attentions on her body for a second. “And you love when I fuck you in the ass?”
        “Yes, I do!”
        His voice was thrilled but forceful. “Say it!”
        She tried to hold out again but another wave arched her back and the words burst forth of their own volition. “I love when you fuck me in the ass! Sir!” The words pour out of her as she’s rocked by the overwhelming sensations. “Please Sir! I love it! Fuck my ass Sir, cum inside my ass! Just please cum!”
        He pulled her even tighter against him, his hand moving from between her legs where she knew she would be soaking wet even without being submerged in the hot tub and turned her by the chin to face him. “I can take you in the ass anytime I want.”
        It was clearly a statement but she was so far gone she would agree to anything he asked. “You can take me in the ass anytime you want Sir,” she was panting trying to get the words out, shaking as she tried to gain some control over her body which refused to stop the still ongoing orgasm. “I’m all yours, all of me. You can fuck me in the ass whenever you want.”
        His smile grew even wider as he released her neck, letting her lean forward and bring her arms around to rest her hands on her knees. She thought for a second that they were done, then his own hands landed on her hips and her eyes went wide at his voice once more. “Good Girl. Now I’m going to cum up your ass like I’ve wanted to for the last twenty minutes,” she gasped as his hands pulled her down deeply into him as his own hips pushed up, and let herself scream in ecstasy into the night as he came inside her and said “and first thing in the morning I’m going to roll you over and fuck you like this again.”
        As he finally came inside her she let herself join him once more and his cry of “You’re Mine!” Came out as a howl.

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          For those who are curious, this trip is planned for sometime this summer but has not happened yet.

          Mrs Wolff read this story and told me “I don’t know if I can be that submissive. I’ll try but… you’re gonna get bit!”

          Find someone the same kind of crazy as you and you’ll spend every day smiling!

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            Another great story, Wolff! And that rental looks perfect. I hope you and Mrs Wolff will enjoy your getaway.

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