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      Sex Puppet and I are having another visit (pause for cheers and applause)! We’ll be sharing our adventures here so keep coming back for updates.

      I was supposed to arrive just before midnight June 4th and had planned just some spanking, fingering, and a BJ before bed. Multiple flight delays interfered and I didn’t actually land until about 1:30 am, tired and stiff and grouchy. The grouchy vanished as soon as I saw MySexPuppet waiting wearing a thin summer dress with nothing underneath, as instructed. The “stiff” part didn’t exactly vanish, but it did change locations, lol.

      The “tired” remained after 11 hours of travel so play was postponed, but MyExcellentPuppet was not going to let her PuppetMaster go to bed horny and crawled to me naked, begging (which she does very well) to suck my cock. After a quick shower (did I mention one of the delays had us sitting on the runway for 20 minutes with no air conditioning?) I sat back and enjoyed her ministrations, which she also does very, very well. I wasn’t totally lazy, though: I “helped” by dragging her head down and holding her while she gagged and choked. So kind of me!

      And then? Then I slept like the dead until noon, lol.

      And now? Now begin five days of play…

      Sunday afternoon: Puppet lay down for a nap, which is a risky thing to do when I’m around. Oh, I let her get her rest, but at the appointed time she was awakened with a hand over her mouth by a masked intruder. A very horny masked intruder who was not at all hesitant to use his leather belt to enforce compliance with his sexual demands. Being a kind and friendly “rapist” I made sure Puppet got off a couple times, also, and a good time was had by all!

      Sunday evening: After two orgasms in like 15 hours this old dude was pretty much done in, but MySexyPuppet (being younger and female – very female) was far from finished. Tied spreadeagled, face down and naked, Puppet received lots of stroking, spanking, flogging, and caning… and several more orgasms. I guess the moral of the story is: it’s good to be the Master, but being the slave sure has its rewards!

      Monday was a day of rest and recovery, and storing up energy to play twice Tuesday.

      First, in honor of the chat subject of spanking was a little game: every time “butt” or a synonym was mentioned during the chat was a swat Puppet would receive after. Thank you all for contributing to her 14 hairbrush smacks! An old fashioned OTK bare bottom (bare everything, lol) with lots of stroking and caressing and fingering and slow swats. Half the time it was the hard wood side of the brush, half the time the stiff, prickly boar’s hair bristles. Part way through I introduced one of her favorite playtoys, a flexible vibrating dildo, and mixed pleasure and pain until she was begging to cum after the 12th stroke.

      Well, naturally I couldn’t let her climax until after the spanking so her begging to cum changed to begging for the last two. Being a kindly Master I of course gave her what she asked for, on both counts.

      Next was Puppet’s 15th anniversary gift to me, a fantasy I had once mentioned and she’d carefully filed away to fulfill when opportunity presented. Effectively a triple penetration, her glowing red arse held a vibrating butt plug and a genuine fucking machine pounded her pussy as I played with it’s controls. The third penetration was me, of course, as I lay back to receive one of her spectacular blowjobs. She had a bit of difficult begging properly with her mouth full (evil laugh) but eventually managed to get the message across and had several very powerful orgasms herself while she gave me mine.

      I am blessed to have MyVeryWonderfulSexPuppet!

      Correction: yesterday was one of Puppet’s anniversary gifts to her Master. For another she performed a fabulous fan dance she’d been rehearsing for months. Thank you, Vix, for your Christmas gift of fans! Puppet hadn’t said a word and it was a terrific surprise!

      Today she also fulfilled one of my oldest fantasies. Way back in high school (call it 47 years ago) I found a BDSM fiction book called “The Masked Spankers” which strongly influenced me and provided no end of wank material. Puppet had previously tracked down a copy and presented it as a gift and today she and I played out my favorite scene. The heroine (a redhead: what a coincidence!) was bound AOH while her cruel tormentor slowly beat her breasts and belly button and inside thighs with the bristle side of a hairbrush. A long and painful scene which, for extra fun, was performed on a live video call with our friend Vixen watching me make MySexPuppet squirm in torment. Outstanding!

      In the book that scene ended with electro-torture but I don’t have the right gear for that so instead I finished with vibrators (hey, they’re electric, right?) until Puppet was hanging exhausted in her bonds. Good times!

      Later we played again, Puppet face down across the bed sideways, her tied ankles preventing her from moving forward and a crotchrope preventing her from moving backward. All she could do was lift her upper body as though doing a pushup to relieve some of the pain in her tits, which were lying on a spiked mat… Lifting herself like that happened (just by coincidence, of course) to put her head at just the right height for me to grab the handles of her “gagging hood” (custom made by LeatherMan) and fuck her throat. Very good times!

      Thurs: Did I mention MyImaginativePuppet had ordered (wait for it….) E-Stim Kegel Balls? After some cautious experimenting (just an orgasm or two) we started to play more seriously with her face down, the balls pulsing electricity straight into her g-spot as I spanked, paddled, and flogged her arse. The spanks and paddling were for sting but the heavy flogger was for impact great enough to jiggle the balls inside her. That went so well that I turned her over, tied wrists to ankles, cranked up the e-stim and added a wand to her clit with really excellent results!

      That was just one of her new toys: she also had an e-stim dong I swapped out the balls for, leaving her still tied. Again, excellent results, especially when I added the wand. Eventually, though, I put all the high tech aside and demonstrated to her that old fashioned, non-latex, non-electric, 100% organic dongs are not yet obsolete. Whew! We were almost too exhausted to go out for ice cream afterward…

      It was a wonderful, wonderful visit with many fantasies fulfilled, and I will be flying home tomorrow with a huge, satisfied smile.

      Thank you, MySexPuppet: you are the best!

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      It sounds like you both made the best of a bad day. Looking forward to reading this thread and I hope you both enjoy.

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      MJL’s Vixen Lee

      <p style=”text-align: right;”>💜</p>

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      I’ll let Master post His own update, as we had two different sessions today. Being that June 7 is our 15 month anniversary, Master asked me if I wanted to plan a scene. Remembering back to a chat about bucket lists or maybe kinky ideas, I remembered Master saying one of His fantasies was a vibrating butt plug and the fucking machine at one end, and Him at the other. So today I made that happen. Air tight puppet. It was incredible, both fulfilling His fantasy and being filled in all three holes.

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      Mister C

      Yay team Puppet.  I’m glad the slow start hasn’t dampened your playtime.  We wait for the next installment of the Chronicals of Puppet


      Mr C and AG


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      MJL’s Vixen Lee

      Thank you CPM for sharing those daily entry of your time with csp. It brings us into your M/s dynamic and share in your enjoyment. Also, thank you CPM and csp for allowing me to take part by viewing a live scene. You two are the greatest. And, thank you Master James for granting me permission to watch my kinky friends play…

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        You are very welcome vix. 🤗 I’m sorry we didn’t get to do a second one, but Master has some video, so maybe He can send that.

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      It has indeed been an incredible week. Lots of play but also lots of just being together. Making His coffee, cooking His meals, washing His clothes…serving my Master in ways that i don’t get to normally. It has been an honor and a pleasure. I’m already looking forward to next time.

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