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    What’s your preference blankie or stuffie?

    Do you sleep with them?

    What’s their story?

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    When my younger sister came along my mother took my blankie to give to her.  :O I KNOW!!!  So after we started this I asked Daddy to take me to the store to buy a blankie and of course he did. Then Daddy bought me a tiger stuffie that I may have hinted at. My second tiger was added recently.

    All of us sleep together. Sometimes blankie is just above my head on my pillow. Sometimes i cover with it. Daddy will often use it to keep me warm or comfort me during play. Blankie is baby size so it doesn’t cover everything. 😉  The tigers sleep nestled between my breasts. Unless Tiggs has wondered off to sit on Daddy’s head. 🙂


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    You sillies!

    I has both! I sleeps with the blankies but not stuffie unless I upset or sads. I move a lot in my sleep so stuffies will fall off the bed! I has 7 blankies and sleep with 1-3 depends if i’m sick or it’s raining. He uses the blankies for aftercare!

    He has bought some of my stuffies, I have 2 from childhood and my friends have made/bought others for me, some are small and fit in my pocket and some are kinda big for me to cuddle with

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    Beth [MM]

    I have lots of blankies and stuffies (I’m a bit of a hoarder). I don’t sleep with any, I have Daddy and don’t like being crowded by too much stuff. But I have fuzzy blankets around the house so don’t get cold (temperature regulation is tricky for me). My stuffies are mostly put away so the dog doesn’t get them (she thinks all fuzzy toys must be hers).

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    I sleep with a stuffie. I have to have a rota otherwise they will get upset and jealous. I like to have a blankie and stuffie when i am sad.

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    STUUFIESS ! Are the Best .  Sir has a limit for the bed and travel



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    Morning Glory (MD)

    Both. Blankie and stuffie for when I am watching tv or a movie or feeling bad. Stuffie for sleeping. I have purple bear from when I had colon cancer and getting chemo and wearing a chemo pump to bed at night. (remission 10 years now) I still have purple bear today for bedtime. I wuv purple bear.

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    Both blankie and stuffie! DD buys me lots of stuffies but my fav ones are my blue bear with a scarf and my little teddy who has her own blankie 🙂

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    Pretty much any where I am …There is some sort of STUFFIE with me…a tiny one on a key ring, hanging from my car mirror ..STUFFIES make me SMILE  ALWAYS !!


    Im introducing PUSHEEN  slowing HK …very jealous of another MEOWZ !!!


    Hearts ,

    Curvey cat ^^

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