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      Perverted podcast- educational and funny, also has featured orgasms time to time. They have a website but it doesn’t always work so listen on soundcloud.com or itunes. Also there’s chats every Monday at 8PST while they record the podcast.

      Lovingbdsm- focuses on a topic and talk about it from their dynamic’s perspective. Can listen on itunes, kaylalords website or https://lovingbdsm.kaylalords.com/

      Littlebigpodcast- a podcast on Caregiver/little dynamics and topics pertaining. It says for ageplayers but can also work for littles https://www.biglittlepodcast.com/

      The Rainbow Connection- a slave talks about s-type things, also has guests on her show https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-rainbow-connection

      Graydancer’s podcast- talks about sex, kink and bdsm, good for bondage http://www.graydancer.com/category/podcast/

      Polyamory Weekly- talks about non-monogamy http://polyweekly.com/

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      Try also Kisscast by Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss: https://podcast.mollysdailykiss.com/

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      Also if you are into craft etc Kinkcraft have podcasts http://kinkcraft.co/

      Their November episode is actually about the best kinky podcasts   http://kinkcraft.co/podcast/2017/11/23/podcast-best-kinky-podcasts.html

      During which they recommend:

      The Dildorks
      The People of Kink
      Practically Kinky
      Why Are People into That?!
      Loving BDSM
      Girl on the Net
      The Pageist

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