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      Mindfulness, awareness, authenticity, intimacy, vulnerability, connection.

      An inner journey these past few years has made me more aware and in-tune with my (very feminine) energy and the energy of those around me. I am looking for the One. My forever. The man I will wake up to every day and live days of gratitude and pleasure. I am realistic also and understand that this may require multiple attempts of communication with random people over the internet!

      Now while I wait for Him to appear, I would love to learn! Feel free to reach out with a topic of discussion, life is all about perspective and I love hearing other people’s understanding/view of things and their stories. My last relationship opened my eyes to my submissive side and would love to explore thoughts related to S/D dynamics!

      I am grateful to have found this space and look forward to all the discovery it has in store!


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      Welcome to the site!  We are glad you found us.

      There are lots of people to learn from here, so we hope you will dive in.  We have scheduled chats as listed on the events page.  Feel free to join us.  We welcome new people and any questions you may have.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.  Enjoy your time here!


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