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      Does anyone enjoy discrete play in public?
      A few tips and tricks I’ve picked up and suggest…

      Loose fitting clothing such as a button up plaid and jeans during autumn work well for hiding straps or rope underneath.
      Walk around wearing your under-clothing bondage at home, see where it chafes and adjust before getting dressed and going out. Secret bondage is fun… a day of rope burn not so much.

      Anal plugs are a great public game.
      Walking is tough as they like to slide out, sitting is fantastic since slight movements can push it deeper hands free. Best for dinner out or car rides, commutes and sitting at a desk at work. Not so great for strolling through shopping centers or beer festivals.
      Take two ziplock bags; one with a small bottle of lube for re-application, one empty to store the plug if plans change, it becomes too much or you just need a stop in the rest room.

      Always check the tablecloth length before playing in a restaurant. Seated it should be below your knees to be out of sight from other tables and a cloth napkin over the lap or ready on your knee as well isn’t a bad idea.
      Kneel under the table and you’re missing for a significant amount of time, someone may notice and it’s easy to accidentally have a foot slip out behind you without realizing or bump the table and attract attention. Stroking or fingering under the table however is easy and easily hidden even if a server walks up (napkin!) and leaning over to swallow only takes ten seconds or less. You were just picking up something you dropped, weren’t you?

      A fun game to build up to in-restaurant play is to have your fun in the parking lot before going in, finish in your subs mouth and see how far into the building you can go before they have to swallow. Very low risk as they are just quiet and reserved and can always gulp before speaking. Can they make it inside with their mouth full? To the hostess stand? To the table and be seated? Who is talking to them when they’re swallowing you?

      If you enjoy this kind of play, pick up a travel salad dressing container from the supermarket for a few dollars. It looks like a small silicone bulb designed with a wide mouth opening for easy filling and a snap lid for travel in a pocket or purse. Easy to clean, easy to conceal. Play and fill it in the parking lot and add to a first course like salad, or fill under the table or during a quick trip to the restroom for use later as a topping for dessert. If you plan on keeping it full at room temperature for long put an ice pack in your purse to avoid any worries of heat effecting it.

      Roadhead seems like fun, but it’s unfair and unsafe to other drivers. The driver is distracted, the passenger needs to take off their seatbelt, and it would be a terrible thing to read in your accident report or obituary. Pull over and park instead. You’re safe, everyone else is safe, and you can concentrate on the fun stuff. Trail heads, carpool parking lots, malls and suburban streets see lots of strange parked cars and have few street lights. Avoid school zones and business lots as these are regularly patrolled.

      Similar applies to driving and masturbation. First and foremost be safe, drop what you’re doing to drive when needed! Edge play can be a great way to stay awake, climaxing will double or triple your fatigue. Always drive safe, it’s not just you at risk.
      If the passenger wants to play, however, they can stay buckled in and put on a show that will build all sorts of anticipation for when you reach your destination.

      Panty control is a classic and completely discrete. A male made to wear or female made to surrender, only the two of you knowing is a great game and bond. Again you can demand this of your sub in the car, send them to the restroom once you’re inside, or tell them they must stay at the table and make it happen.

      If you’re outdoorsy you likely already know the pleasure of a romp in the woods. Make sure the area is isolated and find a spot where you can hear or see others coming from a ways off. Crests and hilltops are good for warning and have great views, whereas running water may block the sounds of anyone approaching until they stumble upon you. Plan shorter times/sessions of play; pinned against a tree or servicing your Dom at a lookout takes minutes, bondage play takes much longer and puts you at a much higher risk of discovery or interruption.

      Look up how to identify poison Ivy and poison oak. Check the ground for ant hills and animal burrows. If you’ll be sans clothing for an extended period of time, apply sunscreen LIBERALLY; nobody wants sunburn there! If you’re out for ten minutes or more, take bug spray; bug bites are no more pleasant than sunburn.

      The energy of sex in a storm is something you will never forget, and as a plus most other hikers don’t go out in the rain. Watch for lightning though, it doesn’t care how undressed or occupied you are.

      If there will be sand, take a towel or blanket. Sand gets in everywhere. Dawn and dusk will have both wind as the temperature changes and sand fleas which are a nightmare cloud of itchiness. Your best bet is the cool of the night when you might have the place to yourself and even get in a skinny dip swim, or midday with the sun shining. Of course during the day you’ll have to share the beach, but that’s the whole idea isn’t it? Get creative with digging out a spot under your towel for your partners hand to work and lay on your stomach, or go for a swim together and see what you can get away with out past the breaking waves. Is there anything better than secret sex with an unsuspecting audience?

      If you are interrupted, play it off. Most people hiking with children stay close to the trailheads and most hiking deep in the woods have wished for or tried the draw of the outdoors for themselves. Smile, laugh and leave. If they do happen to report it you don’t want to meet the park ranger who’s already in a bad mood from having to hike a few miles to give you a ticket. If you are found and worried about being reported, a change of clothes can be a good idea. Your discoverers likely saw a “red shirt, blue pants and a sex act”. If you’re hiking out in a green shirt and shorts you can walk past authority figures with a smile and a wave.

      The usual “leave no trace” and “leave only footprints, take only memories” applies double. Contraceptives, wrappers, etc should all be leaving with you. Beware of taking photos in some locations; travelers abroad have gotten into legal trouble after the fact due to indecent acts near national monuments and religious sites.

      Wherever you plan on playing away from home, have a plan to clean yourself up! Even if the plan is to leave your sub dripping down their legs, a few minutes can be a thrill but all day is simply uncomfortable. Pack baby wipes, sold in convenient small closing packages, and a ziplock for trash. It’s always the Dom’s job to plan on aftercare, and with public play this means a way to get clean, a change of clothes if appropriate or far from home, and a plan for calling things off if they get to be too much (see anal plug ziplocks above).

      Concealable vibrators are never silent. Try the whole outfit, toy included, at home before going out. This will tell you how noticeable it is in volume and vibration, how well your sub handles it while staying silent and calm, and if it’s on a remote how far away you can be.

      It should always be the Dom’s responsibility to keep you both out of trouble. Plan and play discretely, keep an eye out and have a plan for aftercare. The sub has other things to concentrate on such as sensation, pain or service. Just as at home they are trusting you to be their protector while they are being your toy, even more so in public.

      What is your public play advice? Your favorite game or spot? Your story of getting caught?



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      Lots of fun and useful tips. I can see you and my Master are going to get along great. 😁

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      Sorry nothing to share yet, but thanks for the advice and ideas

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