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        He turned into the park, keeping a steady pace and breathing deep. The cool air was uncharacteristically moist this early before the few had a chance to burn off and the dark made the whole run more exciting. Getting back into jogging was tough enough, but getting out this early meant he had the best tam temperatures and the trails all to himself.

        Or maybe not. As he passed the parking lot he saw a solitary car down towards the far end of the park, as far as it could get from the nearby houses. As he approached he could see a single figure moving by the nearby bench. A woman, and she appeared to be stretching using the bench for support. The dark made it hard to see any more.

        Getting closer his smile grew, then he made an effort to turn it from predatory to friendly. Mustn’t frighten anyone out here alone before sunrise.

        “Good morning!” She called when he had gotten close enough.

        “Morning.” He replied amiably. “Are you coming out to run?” He asked it half joking. She was dressed in a tight fitting shirt and had her hair up in a high ponytail held by a bandana, but her lower half was covered by what looked like a dark colored skirt. The light was just starting to break along the horizon and giving a hint of more detail as they looked at each other. Perhaps she was wearing one of those combo skirt and exercise short things.

        She laughed and treated him to a wonderful smile. “Actually I’m trying to get some photos during the sunrise. Would…” she paused, then seemed to steal herself and started again. “Would you take some for me?” She gave another smile, much more shy this time as she leaned over to a bag on the ground he hadn’t noticed before. What he absolutely noticed was that she was not wearing a skirt and short combo. As the first light hit her bending form it revealed nothing under the skirt but beautiful clean shaven skin. He could feel himself popping to attention. When she came up again he had to shake his head to clear the image of her uncovered rear and see that she held out a digital camera.

        He had planned to get in a few miles this morning, but what was the point of getting in shape if he’d be running away from a woman like this? There was only one answer.

        “I’d be happy to” he said honestly, taking the camera and letting his fingertips trace over hers for a moment as he did. He could have sworn she blushed before turning back towards the bench. He suddenly wished the sun would hurry up and bring on the daylight.

        He positioned himself a few feet away from her and got acquainted with the camera, then began to take a few shots as she turned and posed.

        She stopped and seemed to be gathering her courage again, checking the sunrise which looked about to start in earnest and then over his shoulder to the quiet houses a distance behind him. When she spoke it was with a mixture of uncertainty and excitement.

        “You know, I’m not really out here just to take photos.”

        He lowered the camera and gave her a knowing smile. “I thought not.”

        “Well actually I am,” she went on, “but specific photos.” She looked at him and he waiting innocently to see where this was going. “Have you ever heard,” she seemed to make a decision and let her words out all in a rush “of a site called OnlyFans?”

        He grinned widely at her and this time she gave one in return.

        “Would you be alright with taking some racy photos of me?” As she asked she used both hands to tug up the sides of her tight shirt, revealing the underside of her breasts unrestricted by a bra. He smiled and raised the camera to resume taking photos and she rightly took that as enthusiastic agreement, pulling her shirt up to fully free her breasts. She held it up and turned for him as he got her backlit by the red and orange of the beginning sunrise, encouraging her to keep going and keep showing more.

        She became more adventurous with her poses, first bending over the bench to lift her skirt slightly and just barely reveal the smooth skin and growing dampness between her thighs, pulling a cheek aside with one hand to give him a view of both entrances, then turning and sitting to lift one leg onto the bench beside her. He continued to snap shot after shot as she moved one hand to spread herself, looking at him as her other began to rub her own wetness across her lips and lift those fingers to taste herself. He shuddered but kept at it, watching this vision finger herself as her breathing grew more and more ragged and the light around them grew until she threw her head back, biting her lip to keep from crying out as she shook with her climax.

        He stepped towards her and she brought her face back to meet his, nodding in the direction of her bag. “I’ve got some bandanas in there, if you’ll tie me up for a few more shots.”

        He was quick to pull out a handful, white and red he could see now like the one she had on her hair. She stood and leaned over again, this time sliding forward far over the seat until her ribs were resting on the back of the bench, and brought her hands up behind her to the small of her back.

        “Do you think this will make for a good photo?” She asked him huskily, and he stepped in to grip both of her wrists in one hand as the other wrapped them in the long folded cloth. He pulled them tight and elicited a sound of surprise, then stepped back to take a photo or two before he said “you know, I think if I do your legs as well, that would be just perfect.”

        She looked at the lightening sky, almost in early daylight now, and said “alright, but quickly. Those houses will be able to see us soon.”

        He smiled as he worked, pulling her legs one at a time to the outside bottom edges of the bench and tying them in place, letting his free hand slide up along her thigh each time and into the warmth he found there. She was dripping wet and moaned with each touch so he continued, standing to take a photo or two then sliding his fingers inside her from behind and quickly bringing her to another shattering orgasm.

        He leaned over her, camera in hand and taking shots of them both with her head tilted up towards him as he controlled her with a hand wrapped around her throat. “You know what you really need to complete this set?” He growled in her ear and she whimpered in anticipation and pushed her hips back against him, writhing back and forth against his obvious hard-on, barely being contained by his shorts. His free hand ran from her shoulder down over her chest, sliding across her stomach then around behind her to pull his own shorts down and out of the way. He sprang to attention and was immediately pressed against her ready to enter. She shuddered again and opened her mouth to say something. Before she could he pulled the bandana from her hair down over her face and into her mouth, effectively gagging her. “You need to be filled.”

        She again was going to speak and started to stand, as much as she could with her ankles still tied wide apart and his hand holding her tied wrists at her back. She looked around at him and her eyes went wide as he entered her, plunging his full length inside her with the first thrust. One hand holding her bound wrists, the other moving up to grip her shoulder and pull her back and down onto him as he began to rock in and out of her. She was moaning continually, her sounds rising and falling in time with his sliding forward and back, in and out.

        She came hard, nearly screeching into her gag as she thrashed against her bonds. He pushed himself into her as deep as he could and held her in place, feeling her spasms bringing him to the edge and past it. He put his first shot inside her, then pulled out to unleash the remainder across her crotch and asshole. Whether it was from taking her in public, the unexpected change to his morning plans or having her tied and at his mercy, he let loose with what seemed like torrent and nearly covered her from the back.

        When he was completely spent he released her and stepped back, leaning down to pick up the camera and take another few photos of this gorgeous woman used and decorated as a public toy. She turned to look back at him over her shoulder and he got the most perfect picture of the morning; hands and ankles tied, mouth gagged, eyes full of pleading and her backside and crotch covered in him.

        He smiled widely then stepped forward again to kiss her forehead and quickly untie her hands. As he helped her to stand she pulled out the gag and he dropped down to undo one ankle then the other and stood again as she gave herself a quick wiping off with a bandana in her hand. He moved to help with another but she said “don’t worry about it, I brought baby wipes in the car.”

        “Alright,” he said with a goofy smile. “We should head back, we’re supposed to meet your parents for breakfast.”

        “Mmhmm,” She said as she flipped her skirt neatly into place and picked up her bag. Dropping the camera inside she gave him a grin of her own and said “that’s why I brought the car.” She yelped as he swatted at her backside and continued in a playful tone “I hope you worked up an appetite!”

        They headed to the car together, climbing into their accustomed seats and shared a knowing smile as an oblivious jogger ran past their bench.

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