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      So, I’m new here, I just have a quick question, and I was hoping to get opinions of other subs-  if you have a collar, how do you feel about it? Besides it being a symbol of ownership/love/ your relationship/etc, but as a thing all on it’s own- how do you feel about it? Does it like, ground you? Comfort you? Just curious as to other people’s experiences. If you’d liked to, please feel free to message me.

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      Hi and welcome 🙂 As a sub, I find a lot of comfort in my collars (I have a few). I feel steadier with one on, like having my Master’s hand on the back of my neck. I am more confident in myself because I know he owns me and cherishes me.

      What’s your opinion?

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      Beth [MM]

      Hi Jilly, welcome.

      I love my collars. It’s a physical reminder of my Sir’s love and support, which helps ease my anxious moments. I can’t/don’t separate the symbolism that it represents from the object itself. If I did, I would think it’s a pretty choker that he made for me, but it’s so much more because of what it represents. Like my wedding ring, it reminds me of our commitment to each other. There have been days when I’ve been without it and haven’t really noticed, but when I do I feel off and a bit sad and typically bring it to his attention.

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      Queen’s Hubby

      My Queen and I have been working on our D/s relationship for over a year. At first we thought a collar was “for others”. But we also struggled to keep the dynamic going as we were just learning and life was distracting. So at one point, thanks to a post on Submissy, I recommended a “high protocol collar time”. We both loved it. It really helped to confer me and help me stay in a submissive mindset. Just wearing changed my frame of mind.

      Now, we are trying to go to a whole new level with D/s. Previously we said it was 24/7 but all that really meant is that it was more than bedroom kink. Truth is, it was almost exclusive to “collar time”. Now, as we reboot, I’m asking for a collar (discreet) that makes sure we both know this is for real and for all of the time. As Beth said…for me it’s the same as my wedding ring. It marks a turning point and symbolizes something to all. So, I don’t have an everyday collar yet, but I think it’s coming soon.

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      Mistress enjoys taking me out with a collar *almost* hidden by my short collar.  The feel of being owned by her in public is a thrill!

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