On you knees

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      “Shall I” she said?

      Holding out her bare hand towards his extended beckoning arms.

      “Step this way”, says he as he grips her fingers in his. She closes her eyes and takes a step forwards towards his naked body.

      His arms bend upwards taking her hands to his face as her clothed body meets his.

      She has been in this house of his for no more than an hour and he had appeared from his bathroom wearing nothing other than a presumptive grin and somehow she was finding herself drawn to the first sight of his naked flesh.

      His kiss on her lips suddenly now touches the trigger of her pulse as his hands touch her body and his flesh begins to press into her thighs. Her hand finds his buttocks and she strokes the cool curve in search of how he feels. Gently, her fingers reach his thigh as he becomes harder and his kisses come faster.

      She, Clementine, takes her hand from his face and places it on his poker hard, sausage thick cock and grips the shaft with her upturned hand. She strokes, as he pokes. He, Adam, pokes that cock so eagerly into her pretty white hand, gasping and grunting already with the urgency she has stirred.

      She squeezes her nails into his shaft making him gasp.

      “On your knees”, she says, “on your knees”.


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      MJL’s Vixen Lee

      How did I miss this Susie???

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      Nice! I’m feeling a bit of “urgency” myself after reading it.

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