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      Hey y’all! I’m a new sub, and I recently met a guy who is dominant. There’s been some stuff that went down and I have a lot of questions. Hoping someone might have some answers for me!

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      Hi Angel,

      Welcome!  If you have general questions please feel free to post them here in the forum, or if you have more personal question you can message either missy or I direct though the site’s messaging service.



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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m in a very happy and new relationship with my Daddy. Last night I made several mistakes, I disappointed and angered him. I was drunk and shameful, letting my fears consume me. He made EVERY attempt to console and nurture me, trying to comfort me and express his feelings to in hope lay my fears to rest. I ended up by the end of the night humiliating myself and worse of all hurting and shaming my Daddy. I got angry and poured a drink on him, that is despicable and childish. I was very wrong and wish I could take it back! How could I do that to him?! He’s given me nothing but extreme care, support, love and unparalleled support. I betrayed him, how could I do this? He’s taught me to be much better than  this, I failed him. He’s everything to me and that’s what I do? How can he forgive me? I will do anything to get his forgiveness and make him understand how sorry I am. What should my punishment be? It nerds to be harsh, I’m not sure what’s appropriate. Help please, I need support and suggestions.</p>

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      Beth [MM]

      Hi Jenn,

      Welcome to SWC!

      That sounds like a pretty miserable night. And it sounds like your Daddy is a pretty understanding guy. I’m sure a very sincere apology from you would go a long way. I think it would be best for the two of you to discuss this incident together. Maybe work through why you may have behaved so badly and find a way to prevent it in future. Punishments, imo, are very personal and should fit the person as well as the crime. I hope the two of you can find what works.

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        Thank you Beth for your insight and support. I genuinely appreciate it! I’m happy to say it’s been worked out through us communicating. As well as some punishments we both agreed upon.

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      Beth [MM]

      Yay, I’m glad  you got it resolved. IMO communication is key in a good relationship.

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