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    Hi everyone. I am new to being a submissive. I am wanting to learn as much as I can about this lifestyle. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Are there any specific forums that I should go to or can anyone direct me to any useful websites that would help?  Thanks in advance

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    Hello Daddy’s Girl and welcome to the site.  I would say just to look around the forums as there is lots of helpful information. The resources forum has information about books, website and blogs etc which may be of use. There are also some posts on the blog here that you may find helpful and, in addition, lots of our members have their own blogs. The chat is a great place to learn and to get to know others so if you can come along to say hello we will all try to make you feel welcome. Please PM me or send me an email if you need any help.  Hope to chat to you soon, missy xx

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    Hello Daddy’s Girl,

    I am also a new sub and so happy to have found this site. It is so friendly and accessible unlike some other sites like Fetlife.

    I have surfed around a lot and also read some books and things with my Captain. I recently found a wonderful site called

    Lots of wonderful info on there for new and experienced subs.  Good luck and I would be happy to chat with you as well, I am in California.




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      Hello. I would love to chat with you Precious. What’s the best way?

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    Hi there,

    I think we can just chat through this site. What time zone are you in?


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    1. I have never evil thoughts and I have will to make you feel that deepness and intense feelings.  Why that is vest way to love our gender and use it with style. I’m sure you will find my demands understanding and enjoy cause u know How I list my mind and being very intense. You must understand when you are obey and that makes you hard to do you know that I pain you feel little bit and feeling that you are humiliate is wrong way to see that  Little pain and dirty talk you taking allways makes me feel like you are a real woman and that you love me  and you must be able to enjoy kinky things and that’s all. I’ll work and help you you with joy try to be a good friend and husband. Responsibility to make sure you are happy. But in bedroom you’re in other world. Used to all ways. Make you feel like you have give all and that is much. Tell me if you want to know me. And that fantasy is not reflections of my real thoughts. My fantasy is idea how to enjoy in you only with you and see what what’s going to happen

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