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      Hi there,

      I am new to this. I just wanted to get some  advice and maybe some tips.
      So I have a Dominant  he is being very patient with me. It’s all virtual so not meeting. We have spoke about rules, what I can and can’t do. He is more into control, obedience, and training  rather then humiliation and seeing me as less than him.
      i just thought I could jump straight in (how wrong was I)

      so I panicked and realised this was much more than I thought. He has given me time to think it over.

      Just wanted to get some advice as a “newbie”

      thank you

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      Captain’s Girl

      Communication is key. Know your own mind. Limits do not only apply to sex. If you are uncomfortable, consider renegotiating or terminating the relationship, depending on whats going on.

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