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      Well, truth be known, I’ve known I’m submissive for a long time…in my fantasies…I live out scenarios of being mastered by daddy, a daddy.  Daddy is an alpha type demanding and more than willing to spank my bare ass if I don’t obey him to his expectations no matter where we’re at.  Yes, even in a public place, my bare ass is spanked.  He insists that I say “Yes Daddy” and “No Daddy” to his questions.

      My Daddy likes to dress me in very short club dresses and take me to a nightclub for drinks.  The short dress reveals when I sit, but I know not to cross my legs or hide my thong from showing.  If someone asks me to dance and grab my ass or tug my dress up, I am to allow it.  When I am told to sit on a barstool next to a gentleman, I obey without hesitation.  Daddy will watch from a distance as the man lays a hand on my thigh and explores inside my thong.  I am not to resist because I am a pussy.

      I like it when Daddy calls me a pussy and other names.  It’s a form of domination that triggers me.  These are all parts of my fantasies, and I would love to communicate them to a man who wants to dominate me.  He asked me to be his sub today, but I’m shy. So how do I let him know what really turns me on?  He’s told me about his toys and equipment.  He said he wants to collar me and have me naked around his house at all times, even when guests are over.

      How do subs get subs and the pussy they want to be to their dominant for mutual satisfaction?




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