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      I am new to both the site and the concept of D/s. I mean I’ve heard of it but mostly places like Second Life or places where it’s 18 year old boys..

      I’m  37, recently divorced, and interested in learning about the true nature of D/s.

      Im looking for a safe space to learn truth on this Lifestyle and not be judged for my lack of knowledge.

      I hope that place can be here. I’m open to answering questions, mostly about what got me here at this point in my life, but once I feel a bit more comfortable and know a bit more about things.
      Nice to “meet” you all..

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello. I am new to this as well and just exploring. Everyone here been so kind and supportive xx</p>

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      Big Sky

      I feel like you literally took the words out of my mouth!  I’m new to this site (as of today).  I’ve been divorced for 7 months after a 23 yr “vanilla” marriage.  I’ve always been curious about the D/s lifestyle.   I met a man a couple weeks ago and he revealed to me halfway through our first date, that he’s a Dom.  We had a great conversation about it and he shared what being his sub entailed.  Asked me to think about it.  Made it quite clear that if I wasn’t interested in that lifestyle,  there was no sense having a second date.   After 4 days, I told him I wanted to pursue it.   We had date #2 last week.   I find myself wanting to RUN into this lifestyle but I have so many MANY questions!  I’m thrilled to have found this site and connections with women just like me.    You’re not alone my new friend!

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