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      I am a relatively new, and inexperienced Dom who has just entered into an online D/s relationship with a woman who also has little experience. We both are eager to learn, and grow together, but our distance creates some problems.

      First, what are some things we can explore together? I’m looking for new, and fresh tasks for her that are more than just “send me a pic of your boobs”! What are some rewards for completing tasks, and some punishments for non-compliance? She says she enjoys dick pics, but sending and/or withholding those will get old, quick.

      Another added wrinkle is that I am not her only obligation. She has work, and family to tend to, and I don’t intend to mess with those.

      We both want it to be fun, and exciting and I guess I’m just looking for some ideas!

      Thanks for your help!

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      Captain’s Girl

      Video chat. Give her tasks, have her masturbate with you giving instructions for example. Poor behavior can result in not allowing orgasms, or her having to do something she finds unpleasant. Rewards could be orgasams, a new toy, more time with you. The possibilities are only limited by your tame and budget.

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      Where can i find beginner and other books to download and read


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