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      Mrs B


      Lovely to find such a nice community here! Me and Mr B have been married 5 years now, but are just beginning in a more formal d/s dynamic.


      Looking forward to joining you all for some chats, hopefully learn a little and share a little and just enjoy being around other similarly minded people.

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      Welcome Mr/Mrs B!  So glad you found us.  There are lots of married D/s couples on the site, so you are in the right place.  I see that you found the chat already so I hope you can join in at times.


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      MS and i are in a situation similar to yours.  We were married first and about 5 years in started a formal D/s dynamic.  Since then, i have found that there are definitely some unique challenges to being married to your Dom who was simply your spouse before.  It is definitely worth it though!!!  Look forward to talking with you.

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