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      Miss Inara

        Hi all,

        I’ve just popped in to introduce myself! I’m happily married, have a full-time very busy career, live in the UK, child free by choice, in my 30’s living with my husband. We have been exploring bedroom only D/s for quite some time now and are very happy with this dynamic sexually, but have been talking at considerable length about a D/s lifestyle and how that would work for a little while.

        On one of my internet research sessions, I luckily found Submissy’s blog that made it really obvious that everyone can make it work for themselves if we want to. It was in contrast to so much other literature I had read on the subject and made me feel so contented to know that we were not the only people discussing such a possibility. Having read an awful lot of her blog I have eventually decided to join this forum, in order to get to talk to other like-minded people!

        My husband and I have worked out a list of quite reflective questions we both want to answer for ourselves will be sitting down to discuss how we aim to make this work this weekend, so we are just embarking on our lifestyle journey as I type.

        I’ve never talked to anyone apart from my husband about either our bedroom D/s or our interest in a lifestyle, so this is very new to me and I’m a little nervous but very excited too!

        A) Thank you to Missy for writing so much about it all and making it feel so possible!

        B) I look forward to chatting with lots of you in the future!

        Miss Inara x



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        Missy (Founder)

          Hi Miss Inara,

          Thank you so much for your kind words. We are really pleased that you found your way over here and look forward to chatting and finding out more about your D/s.

          Hope to see you soon,

          missy x

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            Welcome miss inara. Missys blog is an incredible treasure and I’m so glad it led you here. You have found a wonderful group of people who are open and friendly and fun. So much love and support among our members. I hope your husband will also be joining. I see you already found The Sub Space. I hope you can take advantage of that area as needed.

            I look forward to seeing you in chats.


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            Miss Inara

              Thanks all – you are a lovely welcoming bunch! My husband will certainly be joining in a couple of weeks which is fantastic! We were planning on joining a chat today or next week but work and life have gotten in the way but hopefully will join everyone soon.

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                Hello and welcome!

                You’ll find several married couples here who have (or are in the process of) discovered an interest in BDSM and are exploring it enthusiastically. The regularly scheduled chats (under “Events” in the menu) are always fun and informative and there’s a wealth of information in the blogs and forums.

                Always feel free to ask questions or share your experiences: we are a welcoming and non-judgmental group and happy you and your husband have found us.


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