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    Main points from the chat:

    A middle is a general term for an older little, in other words, an upper age range of little who would be a bit older on the age scale and range anywhere from 7 to the double digits.

    Middles are generally more independent and may enjoy cartoons, colouring and stuffies!

    Unlike younger littles, middles tend to have more awareness of the world around them, a grasp of sexuality, seek more independence, and question authority. Lolitas and Nymphets are a subcategory of middles that relates to the title character in the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

    As a middle you don’t necessarily like babyish stuff but you still enjoy things like colouring and crafts, as well as other more “grown up” type stuff, Being a middle may also mean that you explore the naughty more mischievous, sassier or brattier side to your character.

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    Yes, this helps very much! I think maybe im a middle… Just not sure on my age yet.

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      Hi Brown Kitty.  I have found it harder to find information on middles but I would indentify as being a middle too. I don’t have a particular age but more teen than little. I wrote a post about it over on my blog with a list of the sorts of things that I like if that helps, or if you want to chat then please just get in touch.

      Little Missy Middle

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