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      I’ve had a couple of glasses of a very agreeable red so I’m likely to be more candid than I’d usually be on such a forum. Here goes.

      How much does your sub or Dom(me) mean to you on a love level? I know some have a D/s relationship that isn’t 24/7 (as ours isn’t) and some have a D/s  relationship with someone that is trust based with no commitment to each other outside that scene.  But what do people think of the love aspect within D/s? For me it’s consuming. I would fight to the death for my girl. Practically it’s completely impractical because of course if I was dead, I couldn’t protect her, but emotionally it is that intense.

      I’ve said elsewhere she can show emotion in several ways just with her eyes, and she’s equally passionate; she takes a long inhalation and equally long exhalation at any perceived slight at my expense with the tightening of her lips and piercing eyes in case the point is missed. We have joked (although I’m not sure she is joking) that she’d accidentally spill coffee over another woman who tried to flirt with me.

      For the life of me I don’t know what she sees in me, but I’m so privileged and humbled she does. Without trying to be pompous, I know D/s does seem to elevate things somewhat because of the intensity.

      How is it with others?

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      Hi Sir to her captive eyes.  I think for us it is the same. I have never felt before that relationships were enough but this is. It gives me an intensity and an intimacy that I has only ever dreamed about before and as you say, it feels consuming. The depth of the connection means that the love feels so deep it would be hard to be without.

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      Beautiful share … LOVE... is What gave us the desire to seek this Ds Magically dance ! I think where you are at in you Life; is How you  truly Live it.  We are empty nesters so,  Living it 24/7 is Possible.

      Each Ds is Unique …One Size does Not Fit All…  set  It up so you can both sub-stain it 🙂




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      To quantify the depth of my love for You, my Sir, is impossible; just as it is impossible to count the drops of water in the ocean or to count the stars in the sky.

      Within our D/s relationship is a perfect balance of trust, love, passion and honesty.  I feel more alive with You, feel more free when in Your grasp then I have ever experienced before You.  The all consuming love that You express and the desire to protect me with Your life is requited. To be Your girl is a stronger bond than I ever realised was possible.

      Your are genuinely humble in all matters but I wish You could see through my eyes and You would understand how it is that I could give myself to You body, heart and soul.  What I see in You is a man strong enough to garner my respect and vulnerable enough to elicit my love.  Every aspect of what makes You so remarkable is why I continue to fall deeper in love with You still. Xx

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      Captain’s Girl

      Very late to the original post, so apologies for that.

      Love came first for us. We had been married 16 years before I asked to try D/s. I was 35 at the time. The reasons it took that long for me to come around to the idea are many. Mainly trust issues, not necessarily in my Dom but in myself and humanity as a whole. Knowing myself and sexuality. Coming to terms with wanting things that most of society would say I should want. And then overcoming the fear of him thinking that I’ve lost my mind.

      The impact that bdsm has had on our lives, aside from spicing up our sex life (something that you need at this stage of a relationship),is a new level of intimacy. Looking back, things like saying “I love you” become habit. The new rituals we have enacted show that love, commitment, respect, and soul deep connection that we have.

      I’ve seen a few people who try to being the lifestyle into their relationship in an attempt to fix their issues. This seems to be about as successful as having a baby to fix a relationship.  This worries me. So much so that I outted myself to someone I otherwise wouldn’t in an attempt to educate someone who I feel is being abused under the guise of D/s.

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