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        He woke early as always, unable after years of early mornings to sleep late anymore. He lay looking at the ceiling thinking how strange it was to not be jumping up to get dressed, cook everyone breakfast, get the kids dressed and out the door in time for school and all the while be stealing kisses and the occasional pinch or bite from his wife. This trip was taking far too long and he’d be thrilled when it was done and he could get back home.

        He could text her a good morning. The one good thing about heading west was that their clocks got closer to lining up and she might be awake or would be getting up soon. He didn’t want to message her too early. If by some miracle the kids were sleeping in he wouldn’t steal the extra sleep from her. He rolled over to grab his phone and check the time to see how long he might have to wait before it would be alright to wake her.

        To his happy surprise he had a text from her waiting. They had talked late into the night as always before she had gone to bed so he knew he hadn’t missed it then. Hoping everything was alright he opened the message.

        More than alright! More than he dared hope even at his most optimistic, the message was a simple “Good morning Sir”, establishing right off the bat that she’d like to play today, and a video.


        The thumbnail showed only white so he hit play and was rewarded with a clip of the camera moving out from a towel, which he watched drop to reveal her stretching up over her head, something he always loved to see with all it did for her curves. The camera, probably her phone, must have been set on the bathroom counter since her hands were free as she grinned for the recording, spun in place to put her back to him and brought both hands up to grasp and collect her long dark hair. It was wet from the shower and as she twirled it around a few times into a loose rope the water was squeezed out and cascaded down the center of her back. She dropped the twisted hair, an invitation they’d used before that made it easy for him to grab it and wrap it all around his fist to control her, then she turned her head to look back over her shoulder at the camera and smiled while she shook her ass side to side. He let out a low rumble as he felt himself smiling at her happiness thinking about him. She blew a kiss over her shoulder and dropped her head, bending at the waist with her backside to the recording and bringing her hands up to pull at either cheek and spread herself, revealing her beautiful pink sex below and the glittering plastic jewel of a butt plug just above.

        The video stopped and his jaw dropped.

        She never sent him things like this! Not without his coercing relentlessly and even then only with the aid of a few drinks or her being seriously in the moment. His smile went wide as he thought that she must be having a hell of a moment this morning.

        Then being the Dom he was, his follow up thought was “How should I make use of that today?”

        He checked the time on his phone and when the message was received, only twenty minutes before. By now she was likely dressed and taking care of the kids who needed to be out the door in the next hour, but he hoped she was still in a playfully submissive frame of mind. Only one way to find out.

        • Good morning to you Miss! Thank you for my wake up. You are stunningly beautiful

        ~ You’re very welcome Sir! I woke up missing you and wanted to feel something filling I thought you’d like to enjoy it with me

        • You know me so well and did you finish enjoying?

        He got up while waiting for a reply and made his way to the hotel room’s bathroom, taking care of the morning’s necessities. When he heard his phone buzz he practically lunged across the sink to pick it up.
        ~ I didn’t get the chance everybody got up so now I’m all… frustrated!

        He laughed at the mental image of her pouting and horny, unable to do anything about it for hours as she’d have to make breakfasts, pack bags and lunches and drive the kids, then likely had errands to run before she could get any time alone.
        – Wish I were there to help

        He always walked a fine line when sexting her. If he got too graphic or pushed too hard she was likely to get uncomfortable or back off and that’s the last thing he wanted.

        ~ I’m making do <3

        Her message was accompanied by a photo taken from below, he guessed with her standing next to the kitchen counter by the edge of a cabinet and counter top showing. The main focus however was a shot taken from down around the knees, looking up under a sundress and between her legs to show long smooth thighs framing the fingers of one hand spreading her lips. Behind them he could just make out the glint of the plug still in place.

        She was certainly feeling frisky this morning! He was grinning ear to ear, knowing that even if the hectic nature of the day pulled her away from this headspace he’d have this picture and a wonderful video to keep him in high spirits. He thought for a moment about how best to continue while he dressed. Powerfully bright but dark colored button up shirt over boxers, work slacks with one of his favorite gifts from her, a dark brown leather belt tooled with Celtic knotwork abs a matching Celtic buckle, and brown leather sneakers. The last were his balance between years of wearing do-anything boots and the loafers expected by everyone at this type of training seminar.


        • You still have your toy in, Miss?

        He wanted time to stop on his walk to the auditorium across the road to grab coffee and something to eat, so he snatched up his wallet, checked for his room key and the ever necessary mask, and headed out the door with his phone in hand. It buzzed as he waited for the elevator.

        ~ Sir hasn’t told me that I may remove it. I’m a good girl.

        The other patron of the elevator must be wondering why I’m grinning like an idiot, he thought. Her friskiness was unabated and she obviously wanted to play. He was smiling ear to ear as he hit send and stepped out the opening doors.

        • That is Very good Miss. I’ll be sure to let you know. I see you’re also not wearing anything under your dress today. Big plans?

        He had just stepped outside the lobby into the bright morning sun when got another message. He moved aside from the flow of people through the main door to read it.

        ~ All the better to take photos for you, Sir

        He was elated. If this was the game she wanted to play today he was more than happy to oblige.

        • Are you still in the kitchen?

        ~ Yes Sir. Everyone is just finishing breakfast then we’ll head out in a few


        • I’d like you to write my name on your thigh, since I’m not there to mark you as mine today


        The picture that came back had his name written in happy, looping letters next to a heart, all positioned beside her lips which looked already wet and ready for more. He was happy to oblige.


        ~ What else would you like to see Sir?

        • Find something closer to my size and put it where we both wish I could be right now.

        He walked across the parking lot and along a row of storefronts to enter a cafe that had been a nice surprise. Reasonable breakfast sandwiches and better than average coffee, both of which made his day sitting in meetings and lectures much more tolerable. The hotels’ breakfast was best left in the hotel.


        The thought of just how enjoyable those meetings might be today made him smile again as he waited in line. Another buzz, message and photo.
        ~ Like this Sir? This is my favorite spatula

        The picture had her leaning back against the kitchen counter with her dress bunched up to expose her from the waist down. Who knew where the kids were, maybe she had gotten a minute with them distracted by the TV or running to pack their bags for school. Her legs were spread slightly, smooth warm skin on both sides leading up and in towards a bright red silicone coated spatula held upside down inside of her. With no grooves or changes in material from top to bottom it was a perfect choice. He was familiar with it, if not as intimately as she now was, and thought it looked like she had nearly 8 inches of handle inside herself. Before he could respond he got another.
        ~ It’s the closest I could find Sir, but you’re thicker

        The picture this time had her standing and covered again, spatula in hand and held above her to extend straight down into her open mouth like a sword swallower. She had nearly the same length disappearing through her lips.

        • My favorite now as well Miss! How do you taste this morning?

        He was picking up his coffee when the next buzz came through and nearly choked on the first sip as he read her response.

        ~ I prefer the taste of us mixed together when I clean you Sir

        He was shaking his head at how perfectly this morning was going while he finished his walk to the conference center and followed the flow of people inside. He took a moment while waiting in line to send her another text.

        • Starting another day of conference Miss, going to have to put my phone away for a while. You are my perfect woman and I’m constantly astounded that I get you.

        The response was quick this time and left him looking forward to his first break of the day with an almost giddy anticipation.

        ~ Have a wonderful day Sir! I’ll be thinking of you and will be sending more as I do, they’ll be waiting for you when you get a chance to look I am all yours Sir!


        The next few hours were wonderfully excruciating. Every so often he could feel another buzz in his pocket yet he has no opportunity to see what she had sent, let alone respond.

        He thought constantly of taking just a quick peek, holding his phone down by his leg to get an idea of what she’d sent. Each time he thought it through he came to the same conclusion that the conference chairs were too closely spaced. Whatever he was given a view of he’d likely be sharing with the next closest attendee. He was forced to wait, and if he were honest with himself he loved it. The anticipation was thrilling and the texts couldn’t possibly be as exciting as those he imagined he might be getting.

        He was wrong; the reality was even better. When they finally reached a break and he was able to get away it was to stand by the side of the room as everyone milled around filling coffee cups and stretching their legs. Many were checking messages like him though he’d wager none were as excited by what they’d received.

        ~ You’re stuck in meetings Sir, when I wish you were stuck in me

        An image taken close up, no more than the distance from steering wheel to lap. Dress slid up and legs splayed, he was treated to a clear view of her fingers glistening wet as they slid out of her.

        ~ I wish you were here to pump my throat full Sir while we fill the car at the pump

        Looking down on her next to a gas pump, her arm extended alongside the shot to hold the phone up where he might stand as she looked up with beautiful wide eyes and had her mouth open and inviting, a clear path from her open lips going deep back into inviting pinkness. He imagined if anyone had been around while she took the shot she’d make it look like she was inspecting a tire or picking something up off the ground, and the image thus produced perfectly tantalized him with the offer of public oral.

        ~ What would you like for dinner when you get back Sir?

        His favorite so far. She must have set a timer and put her phone on a shelf because she was standing a few short feet away and facing the opposite direction. Surrounded by shelves of boxed dinner mixes and packaged rice, he was treated to a long shot of an aisle of the supermarket with his Miss just off center. She was leaning down with one hand reaching for something on the bottom shelf. With her dress intentionally hiked up to momentarily uncover her rounded ass and the other hand pulling one cheek aside to reveal her to the camera. As he zoomed in on the image he found she was still wearing the jeweled plug, and now sending him a picture of it in place during her mid morning grocery shopping.


        • Plugged all morning? You are a Good Girl!


        The reply came back quickly, she must have been waiting phone in hand to hear from him.


        ~ Yes Sir! I took a ziplock with me to remove it if needed, and I had to apply a little more lube in the parking lot but don’t worry, I’m very discrete


        He knew he was growling under his breath at that while he typed.
        -I could not be more attracted to you Miss 😉

        She must be keeping her phone close waiting to hear from him because the response was again almost instantaneous.

        ~ Will you show me Sir?

        He was about to reply that he couldn’t exactly whip himself out in the middle of the room, but if she could take these photos for him then he should be able to send her the same.

        He reentered the meeting hall and found it amazingly empty. Everyone was out in the hallways mingling or returning phone calls. He only had a few minutes before they would pour back in to find their places but that should be more than enough. He sat at his assigned spot, put his phone on camera to be as ready as he could for a quick shot and placed it on the table in front of him. With the room still clear he unzipped and shifted as he worked himself out. Already hard from the sights she has shared, he now stood erect and ready. Pressing lightly with his fingers had his cock pointing straight up from his lap with the row of conference chairs running off into the background. He brought the phone down to his thigh just a the first few people started to come back in and snapped a few quick shots from level with his cock then just as quickly put himself away.

        He checked once more that he’d been unobserved, then took a minute to look through the photos he’d taken and choose the best to send her. The perfect shot had his dick straining larger, three or four attendees milling around in the far background, and was focused to clearly show a drop of shining precum just beginning to run down his swollen tip.

        • Saving you a seat Miss

        He didn’t have long to wait and felt another buzz as people started to enter and find their chairs.

        ~ Oh Gods Sir! When you get home I want you to take me on a movie date so I can sit right down on you and I’m not getting up until you’ve filled me twice!

        He had just moments to write back as they were being asked to put phones away again and he typed quickly.

        -Go home Miss. I’ll be out on lunch in an hour and I want you waiting for me on zoom. Feel free to get started without me

        ~ Yes Sir! When you log on you’ll be greeted with a view of me thinking about you deeply

        He put his phone back in his pocket and took the opportunity to adjust himself. It would be a challenge to pay any attention at all when all of his thoughts were of fucking his wonderful sub.


        When he reached his room his excitement was as peaked as his libido. Reviewing her messages during his walk back his eyes had been pouring over every inch of her. He’d already sent every image to his email to make sure none were lost then removed them from his phone to prevent accidentally sending them anywhere else.

        Not wanting to wait on the elevator he jogged up the back flight of stairs and was in his own room in no time. He set up the laptop and kicked off his shoes as he brought up the video call, pulling the chair around next to the window again. Room service kept putting it back in the corner each day, but he got an added thrill taking her calls and taking care of himself by the window where he might be seen.

        When the video connected he could not be happier with what he saw, unless of course he were there to enjoy it in person. Men are simple beasts, their thoughts linked closely to visual stimulae and telling them is always outdone by showing, which in turn can only be one-upped by doing. Since circumstance was keeping him from home, being greeted by his Miss spread eagle on their bed with the camera between her knees looking up along the length of her gorgeous body as she enjoyed herself with a toy in hand was his best case scenario.

        “Sir!” She was already breathing heavily and had obviously been at play for a while now. “I want to see you! Please!”

        He grinned and purposefully made no move to undress beyond undoing the buttons on his sleeves.

        “You have a picture of me, Miss. why don’t you use that?”

        She was close he could tell, and just as obviously frustrated in being unable to reach climax yet. She reached beside her and picked up her phone, holding it up to show him the picture he’d sent her earlier.

        “I am using it Sir!”


        “You could pull up a video of us together?” He had set up a file on her computer of some of their best home videos before he had left, to make sure she had plenty to think about and look forward to on his return.

        “I am!” This came out as a pleading whine. She shared her screen and he was treated to a clip of her being held down by the wrists, arms pinned above her head and his own legs spreading and pinning hers open as he furiously pounded into her and she screamed her way through an ongoing rolling orgasm. One of his favorites!

        “I want mooore!” She whined and loaned loudly as she switched the video back to real time, squirming and her hand continued to pump the vibrating silicone in and out of her. He chuckled as he dropped his shirt and undid his belt, taking his time with the waistband button and pulling his zipper down as he watched the anticipation on her face. He loved that she wanted him like this.

        He pushed his pants down but when he sat back in the chair facing his computer he was still covered by his boxers, tented in the front by his obvious excitement. She pleaded again upon seeing this and he grinned.

        “What do I get for showing you Miss?”

        She was openly panting, right on the edge as she begged him.

        “Please Sir! Tell me what you want!”

        “When I get back,” he told her in a tone of command, “I’m going to lay back,” she watched him intently as her hand moved at a frenzied pace, not even realizing as her other moved down her stomach to put her thumb on her round mound of her clit and began rubbing in small circles. She was nodding and breathing fast and shallow as she listened. “You’ll climb on top and straddle me,” He shimmied his boxers down his legs and dropped them on the floor by his side, leaning into the camera to bring his face closer to her while blocking her view of his lap. “And slide yourself down, taking all of me,” she moaned and closed her eyes to toss her head back and forth then opened them to lock eyes with his as he finished his orders for her. “And you’ll sit back to put on this show again for me, screwing yourself with your fingers and a toy while I cum inside you. Will you do that for me Miss?”

        “Yes Sir! I want you to fill me!” She screamed as he sat back and showed himself off, holding himself lightly with his fingertips to make his cock look as large as possible as he stroked absently up and down along his shaft, watching his sub reach her peak and shudder as she crashed over in a wave of endorphins. Her body was fantastic and her mind was if anything even better, but it was this willing exposure of herself to him without doubt or judgment that made her absolutely gorgeous.

        When she was back to breathing somewhat normally and had turned her toy off to put it aside for the moment, she came back to the present to find him watching her and simply enjoying himself. She began to put her legs together and he stopped her.

        “No Miss, spread for me. You’ve gotten yours but if I go back to work like this I won’t be able to think of anything but you.”

        She smiled a contented post-orgasm smile. “That has its appeal Sir.”

        He growled at her, a playful acknowledgment and forceful statement all in one, and she lay back against her stacked pillows and obediently spread her legs. He directed her to go back to work on herself with her fingers so he could watch and she obeyed, listening as he told her what he wanted to do to her when he got home and enjoying seeing his own breathing speeding up as she agreed enthusiastically. She knew it was more than idle threats or fantasies; she was likely to be screwed silly for days after he returned and was thoroughly looking forward to it.

        “Sir…” she stopped her playing and he paused as well, worried something was wrong. “Would you do something for me Sir? I have a surprise for you…” She trailed off distractedly as he went back to stroking himself. She loved watching him, how his muscles moved when he was fully intent upon her.

        “What would that be Miss?” His question snapped her back and she smiled at him, then spun onto all fours and crawled to the bedside table in the way she knew he loved where she pulled a box back towards the center of the mattress.

        “I knew I’d miss you during this trip,” she spoke as she opened the box toward herself. On the lifted lid he recognised the red and black logo of the toy company and his own smile grew wide as she rummaged inside then raised her face again to meet his. “So I ordered something to keep me company! It just arrived and I thought we could try it out tonight but I don’t want to wait.” Her hands came into view holding a new red dildo covered base to tip in bumps and veins. Obviously styled after his namesake it was one he’d looked at himself to buy for her, though this model had some type of thin clear hose like a fish tank bubbler or medical tubing running from its base to her other hand which opened to reveal a wide plastic syringe a little longer than the length of her palm. She smiled tentatively waiting on his reaction. “I’m going to call him Wolfy.”

        He beamed at her, sitting back and positioning his screen for the best angle. “I can’t wait.” He told her encouragingly, taking his own length firmly in hand as he prepared for a show.

        “Well…” She paused uncertainly and he urged her on.

        “Yes Miss?”

        “Will you join me Sir?”

        “I’m ready when you are, Miss.”

        She smiled and ducked her eyes the way she always did when she was worried but excited. He found it incredibly attractive when she got shy like this.

        “Will you join me with a toy, Sir? I’ll put this,” she shook the new dildo gently, “Anywhere you’d like!” She was nearly vibrating herself with obvious anticipation and he hated to disappoint her.

        “I’m sorry, Miss, but I didn’t bring one.”

        She beamed back at him, all innocence and blinking big eyes. “I packed one for you Sir! The inside pocket of your big bag.”

        He raised an eyebrow at her then got himself up and walked across the room to his bag. A quick search turned up his prostate massager. That explained the small travel sized bottle of lube she’d added to his toiletries bag. He recovered both and returned to his seat in front of the window. He held the smaller angled toy up by its ring base and she smiled sheepishly.

        “If I’m using this Miss, you’re taking that,” he pointed at her hands and the new purchase, “in the back door. The whole thing.”

        He expected at least a little fight on anything having to do with back door play, but she surprised him by her easy agreement. “Yes Sir!” She pulled out her own bottle of lube to hold up to the camera and bounced in place. “Will you show me what to do Sir?”

        He laughed at her exuberance then grinned mischievously as she assumed a mock innocence.


        “Will you show me what to do, Sir?” She asked while batting her eyes at him and waving her new toy side to side to match the excited sway of her hips.


        This woman had woken him up with a video of herself dripping wet from behind, spent the morning sending him pictures exposing herself all over town, then shown off for him moments before as she fucked herself to orgasm while staring at his cock. Now she was sitting cross legged and smiling sweetly as she waited to watch him put a small vibrator in his ass so that she could follow suit with a much larger dildo, to fuck her own brains out while he jerked off and came watching her. She was now looking at him sweetly like she could be waiting for his favorite cookie recipe. She was his perfect mix of angel and devil.

        She watched closely as he poured a small amount of lube directly onto the smaller toy and spread it with one hand. She did the same, using significantly more at his direction. “Mine is going in once,” he told her as she laughed and bit her lip, “yours I plan to see going in and out until we’ve both had enough.”

        He put the prostate massager down on the table in front of him next to the computer and brought his hand slick with lube up under his hanging balls to smear the excess from his fingers across his own tight entrance. She touched herself as she watched him prepare, then told him she’d just need to do one thing before doing the same herself. She got up on her hands and knees once more and turned around to point her ass towards the camera, giving him an unobstructed view as she carefully removed the jeweled butt plug she’d had in place since waking him up hours before. She let out a small moan as it left her and she looked underneath herself through her own legs at him to enjoy the look of surprise on his face.

        “You’ve had that in this whole time?” He asked in shock.

        “Mmhmm.” She responded, wagging at him a bit as she put the plug aside and her lubed fingers made their way back to slide around and into her own back door. “Sir never told me I could take it out.”

        He loved that response and told her as much, then in a few quick motions he had pressed his toy up into himself with a gasp as he stared up her tail. She watched with rapt attention and fingers at play then he did the same while he watched her, seated on his toy and stroking himself as she first displayed her new dildo now shining with lube then buried it tip first in her asshole. She pushed it slowly in and he was treated to every gasp, moan and expression of pleasure and pain as she eased nearly its full length into herself inch by inch. When she had it well inside, she carefully turned around again to face the camera. She lowered herself down slowly to use the pressure of her body dropping onto the mattress to press it the rest of the way up inside as she breathed hard and fast at the stretching and filling of its full length. He loved watching as she took it all and was immensely turned on by her little whimpers and the lip biting she used to get herself through the last few inches.

        She now sat with her newest toy firmly planted up her ass, looking at her screen where she could watch her man masturbate with his own toy in place. He reached down and turned his on to vibrate gently, breathing deeply as it started and beginning a slow steady rhythm of stroking himself while she looked on.

        She sat watching for a moment more and he encouraged her “Follow along, Miss. I want to watch you finger yourself while you ride that wolfy dick in your ass.” She let out a moan of pleasure and began to rub her fingertips over herself, spreading her lips the her hand sitting beside that morning’s name marking on her inner thigh for him as she simultaneously began to rise up an inch or two on the toy which would slide out below her, then let herself fall again to drive it inside. He took his time, knowing this incredible sight would drive him over the edge as soon as he let it and not wanting to rush and finish first. He occupied himself with telling her more of what he would do to her when he returned and she agreed breathlessly to everything. He didn’t have long to wait before she was panting again and calling his name.

        “Sir I’m so close! Cum with me! I want this to be you cumming inside me!” She was riding the new cock hard and fast now, his own strokes moving in time to her sliding up and down along its shaft. He ordered her to move the camera closer so he could watch in detail and was rewarded with a close up of her fingers rubbing and penetrating in front as her puckered hole behind them stretched to take her new toy sliding in and out almost the length of his hand with each rise and fall, as if he were both the one fucking her and being seated directly in front of her less than a foot away to watch.

        She revealed her last surprise as she cried out to him with a ragged “Oh Sir! Oh gods! I’m cumming! Fill me!” And she pressed hard on the plunger of the attached syringe. The white contents were pushed through the clear tube and presumably shot out of the tip of the silicone cock, pumping her ass full of a massive load of artificial cum as she screamed in ecstasy and drive herself down hard to push its full length up into asshole. The fingers of her free hand worked against her clit as her eyes went wide at being filled so suddenly with so much, her mouth making a wide silent Oh as the excess cum poured out of her around the base of the red ribbed wolf dick.

        The sight was too much and he let out a roar to join her scream and came hard, stroking furiously as he released his own massive load of cum which shot up to spray across his chest and drip down his wrapped fingers as he continued to pump himself empty. They rode their mutual orgasms with eyes locked on each other and a matching intensity of reaching their climax together.

        When they eventually came down it was with laughter at how intense that had been for them both. She used the sheets beneath her to wipe at her legs and make an exhausted shaky attempt at cleaning off.

        “You’re a mess, Miss.”

        “I’ll wash the sheets. I hadn’t tried this yet so I didn’t know it would give me that much!”

        “I’m so glad it did. That was incredible to watch.”

        She blushed, that combination of sexy as hell and innocently abashed driving him crazy. He removed his toy with a subtle twist and sigh. Hers came free with a fresh gush down her legs that had them both laughing again.

        “When you get home maybe you can try it with me? I’d love to have him join us, and you can control the finish…” She bit her lip again at admitting that she’d just pumped herself over-full of artificial semen and enjoyed it. He was grinning like a fool.

        “I’m looking forward to it.” He told her as he got a towel and started to wipe himself off. He had streaks of himself across his whole torso. “I need to take a shower before getting dressed again to go back.”

        She looked longingly at him through the screen. “I wish I were there to help.”

        He grinned back at her and spread his arms to show just how much of a mess he’d made on his own.

        “Next time I’ll be right there with you Miss and you can lick every drop off of me.” He saw the glaze come over her eyes as his words got her heated again. “Will you be a good girl and clean up your Sir’s cum with your tongue?”

        She licked her lips purposefully, moaning and squeezing her legs together, unexpectedly pushing a last rush of the white mixture out of her to run down her inner thighs. He laughed again and she joined in. They both processed how much they enjoyed this particular play and promised to continue again that night, then made ready to head for their showers to clean up for the rest of the day.


        She paused as she was reaching to her computer to log off and looked up to him. “Yes Sir?”

        “Leave it on and take it to the bathroom with you. I want to watch you shower yourself clean.”

        She blushed deeply this time and nodded, picked the computer up and walked to her shower on shaky legs to set up the camera on a counter facing the glass. He was grinning as she turned on the water, stretched and bent to let him see every bit of her and blew him a kiss before stepping in. He did have to get himself cleaned up but there was always time for one more before he had to go.


        Hope everyone had a good read 😉

        This was by request; if you have an idea you’d like to see played out, please let me know!

        For anyone asking themselves “do those really exist?”, here’s your homework for the night. Enjoy!

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        Great read! Thank you.

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          Thank you for a fun read, Wolff.  I am so impressed this was written on request.  I would never have guessed that.  The next time I am at a conference and find myself bored out of my skull listening to panelists drone on, I’ll look around the room and try to imagine what people are doing on their cellphones.

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