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        Hey all
        Do you have a vision of your ideal polyamory? There are tons of ways poly is done just as it is with D/s. For this though I’m gonna keep it short and just bring up kitchen table and parallel polyamory. This is how all involved interact with the polyamory relationships.
        Some want kitchen table poly meaning everyone feels comfortable sitting around and chatting together. Others prefer parallel poly. This the opposite of kitchen table poly. Basically it you have your relationship with this person and this other person but they are separate. The relationship are separate and doesn’t mix the others together. All involved should still know about each additional relationship.
        Saturn and me are kitchen table poly. Any poly partner both of us want to have a relationship with, as individuals and as a couple together with our additional relationships. That’s just our preference and what works for us. Neither of us are comfortable with parallel poly that’s not say it’s bad, it’s just not for us. Have you and your partner discussed this? Have you come to agreement on this?

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        Missy (Founder)

          We are not poly Puddingpop but I think that if it was ever to happen that I would want it to be the kitchen table kind as I would want it to be something that we added together rather than individually.  Thank you for your explanation though and I look forward to reading the responses.

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          I would like both, our partners will be kitchen table and our partners’ partners will be parallel. We have one partner currently, a female, and she interacts with both of us together and individually but her other boyfriend does not interact with us sexually or otherwise. We know of him and vice versa.

          If I were to get a male partner I think that will be parallel (from our discussions) to Master but maybe kitchen table with our current partner.

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