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      Hi y’all! I’m LilBrat. Please feel free to call me lil or lb if you’re the type who truncates.  I’m sub with a Master. Our formal relationship is relatively new, but he and I have been friends for years. We’d occasionally flirt and do some light play. Initially, I valued our friendship more than anything and was hesitant to “ruin” our friendship with anything too physical.

      Over the years, our relationship blossomed to love. Platonic love at first, then a little more. After all the craziness of the last few years, and some intense soul searching, I realized all I wanted was to know him deeper. To know him on his deepest level. At his best and at his worst. So I agreed to fully submit.

      I’ve never been in a D/s relationship. I’m here to learn more. More about BDSM and more about myself. Compounding everything, I was relocated for work and we are apart. I’ve read lots of relationships start off as LDRs, but not a lot of the reverse. So here I am, trying to find out not only how to be a better sub for Master, but also how to manage a LDR CNC …

      now that I’ve said a lot more than I intended (lol) I’m really hoping to find some community online. Really looking forward to getting to know y’all!!


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      Hey lil!  Welcome to the SWC.  I think you will find the community you are looking for here.  Everyone is very friendly and non-judgemental.  Lots of us were brand new to D/s when we found the site as well, and it has been an immense help to us.  We also have several couples in LDRs that do very well, and are very willing to give advice on how they do it.

      If you ever need anything, or have any questions, just ask!


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