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      I’m just a newbie about all these things. I came here to chat and know more about this, bacause I can’t speak about Dom/Sub dynamic to anyone I know.

      My family is so conservative and I’ve never talked these kind of topics to anyone, because I dont want to be considered as a weirdo. I dont want to be ashamed abuot being atracted to this dynamic, and would like to share ideas.

      And yes, I think I’m a sub.

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      Captain’s Girl

      Welcome. I don’t know where you are in the world, but please try to come to the live chats! All questions are welcome

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      K’s Lady

      Hi there. I understand how you feel. It’s always welcoming when you have someone you can talk to without having to explain yourself or when you are lacking words.

      Hope we can be friends 🙂

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        Me too. Thank you. Looking foward to talk and make new friends.

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