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      Hello all.

      been a while since i posed a question, but Daddy (aka Shifter) and i are looking to add more rituals and rules to our 24/7 D/s. Daddy in particular wants things that will keep us reminded of my submission. We have many many already, but are looking to up the level / protocol. We have categorized our rules and rituals into areas that are “daily life” and those that are “out in public/restaurants” and those that are “high protocol”.  We would like suggestions for any and all areas.  We do utilize corporal DD ( domestic discipline) for infractions.

      What are you doing that makes your dynamic obvious to you and is integral to maintaining submission and dominance?

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      I give him my submission at least daily.  We touch noses, foreheads together, and I tell him, “I submit to you.”  And he usually says something like, “and I will always protect you.” Or in the those moments when it is really hard to say it, like when we are just at odds with each other and the last thing I want to do is submit and I know without a doubt it is the first thing I need to do to bring us back to center but for some reason it is super hard to do, especially since it involves getting so close to him, he will say, “I know you do.”

      The I Love You’s can be tossed around all the time and not pack near a powerful emotion than the I Submit To You’s for me and for him and it keeps our 24/7 D/s meaningful and dynamic.  It reminds him, too, I think of the gift of submission is not to be taken for granted and reminds me who my master is.  He loves that very much.

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        I like that. Saying, “I submit to you” as i would “i love you.” Thank you! I will ask Daddy his thoughts on that.

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      That was an amazing insight into how you relate to one another. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and what works for the two of you!

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      When you are allowed to wear panties you should be grateful for that, and express your gratitude by kissing them before you put them on.

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      Every morning when I get up my Lord puts on my day collar and asks “Who do you belong to?” and I respond “I belong to you, my Lord”  I find it a very focusing way to start the day.

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      Oooo I love all of these! We live M/s TPE and we engage in many rituals which enhance our dynamic and keep it in the forefront of our minds.  I need them to either maintain or re-gain my submissive mindset which is very easy for me to misplace.

      One daily ritual is “kneeling”.  Master requires it every day and we rarely miss it.  He believes it keeps us on the right track.  He always ties my wrists and apply nipple clips that look like really awesome jewelry.  It’s a very special time. There’s something really grounding when I can feel a little pain, a little bondage and be in that kneeling position naked. (I sit back on my heels and use a lot of pillows if you were wondering about the patella health)

      I’m all about service which really feeds both of our mindsets.

      hugs, elskling

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      I read your fabulous post about many of your rituals and rules and can’t imagine I could add much. Some of yours are similar to ours, and I believe we have many that we have done naturally.
      But one we have begun since going back to school this year (both teachers) is once we are both home My Sir requests or motions for me to sit at his feet. Here we just rest, chat about our day, Sir may want me to get him a coffee first, He lets me know anything he particularly wants me to do that night, and I just relax back into my submissive role. My Sir, Mr C, says he can feel my body doing just that. It has been great for re-centring ourselves. I sit at his feet for this as I have major joint problems and Patella Baja in my right knee.
      I also love kneeling naked in wait with my head bowed before play, that centres me as well.

      (ps unrelated but I saw you mentioned DD. We also use DD for rules around my health and safety, which have been great for making me stop and think before doing too much, and putting others/things ahead of what is good for my health, and thus safety.)

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      Thanks you all so far for sharing with me. Rules and rituals are so personal and i am enjoying bring your experiences of them to daddy for us to learn from.

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