I feel I should receive a bigger punishment and my Master doesn’t.

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      Hi all, I am in no way new to the sub/Dom lifestyle and have always had a master since becoming sexually  active.

      I have never really spoken to anyone about my experiences and feelings. Etc.

      I would like some advice or to know if anyone else has gone through a similar thing.

      Sorry in advance for the long post.

      I have been with my current Master for just over 2 years now. He is married with kids and I am allowed a relationship but have to be completely faithful to master.

      This was fine until one drunken night with my boyfriend and fell pregnant, obviously I told master straight away that I had broken rules and begged for his forgiveness.

      Initially he dismissed me, telling me to  remove my ‘token of ownership’. I did and accepted it was over.

      After a few weeks we began to have sex again but not in a sub/Dom way. However one thing led to another and he asked me to put my ‘token of ownership’ back on.

      We continued our relationship where we left off the only difference was I was pregnant and if I miss behaved, punishments would be softer. I assumed this was because I was pregnant. Etc.

      My baby has now been born and I was expecting things to go back to how they used to be but they haven’t. I still receive very little punishments and feel I have never fully been punished for falling pregnant.

      Do I ask for a greater punishment and risk him getting mad that I disagree with his judgement? Or accept that I am forgiven?


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      Beth [MM]

      Sorry no one has replied to you yet. I think this is something you should discuss with your Master. Let him know your feelings. Do you feel you need more of a punishment to make up for what you’ve done? If you are still feeling badly about your transgression I think it needs to be discussed with him. He has the final say in your punishments but I think part of the purpose of punishments is to help the sub feel absolved and motivated to improve. He may not realize your feelings. Communication is very important. Good luck.

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