How do u know who you can talk to?

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      Hi all! Pretty new here, was here for the wax chat and i lurk a bit! My Sir and I are new to Ds ( about two months in), been together 26 years, married 23. Ds is exactly who we want to be ….we have played with some BDSM kink for years but the power exchange element  is new ( in and out of the bedroom) and it has revolutionized our communication and feelings about ourselves and our relationship.  We are excited and wish we could share it, and wish we could share our thoughts as we would regular “vanilla” relationship issues. We wish we could share and talk about this with people close to us, but have no idea the reactions we could encounter. If we cant find a way to share with friends and family…How do we go about finding an IRL ( “in real life”) community? What have been your experiences sharing your relationship dynamic?

      thanks for any replies!

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      Hi Jim here

      You can pretty much talk to anyone on here I am from IRL if you want to ask me anything or on the events page you will see the dates and times for group chats and the topics.


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      Thanks much. Wondering too… more along the lines responses of  friends and family from those who have discussed with them

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      Captain’s Girl

      We haven’t really told anyone outright. Our families do not know. My family is very dramatic and would be trying to have him arrested for abuse. His family would tend to be more accepting, but his parents are nearly 70 years old and are not concerned with his sex life (thank God). Some of our friends are aware that we are not vanilla, in that they are aware of our use of toys. But they are not fully aware of our D/s relationship. Mostly because we are still relatively new.  About a year in. And we are still figuring stuff out for ourselves and don’t want unsolicited input.

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