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    Emily bought me a hot octopuss pulse duo 2 for christmas, it’s also known as a “guybrator”. The wand was the closest thing i’ve used that is close to this and I didn’t like it because it didn’t do anything besides some chafing!

    The pulse:

    1. Is waterproof

    2. Has ridges on the inside for sensation

    3. Has a pulse plate/remote

    4. Has wings to grip your cock

    5. Charges by USB

    The pulse can be used for masturbation by placing it to the top of your penis such that the vibrations are concentrated on the head or you can use some lube and slide it up and down. The pulse plate creates pulses which gives a whole new sensation for both methods which are equally great. You could also use it to get you hard and go from there.

    The difference between the pulse solo and pulse duo is it is made specifically to be used alone and made to be used with a partner as well, respectively. Your partner can feel the vibrations as well especially with the pulse plate on mainly by sliding or rubbing on the toy. We’ve only tried it with her on top and missionary position so far but it works well, there’s also a plus and minus button at the side to increase or decrease the intensity which you could also use the remote to do. It has quite a number of sensations and pulses to choose from, I think it’s strong enough to get you off without the chafing.


    Link to the video about it-

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