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        He relaxed on the bed watching the next episode in the series he’s been binging while she showered. She’d had a long day and needed a little time to clear her head in the hot water. When she showered for some time like this she also took the opportunity to shave herself smooth and that was always welcome.

        He heard the water shut off and knew he had another minute or two while she finished drying off and got herself all ready for bed. How she came out would tell him what kind of night it was going to be; if she was in a long comfortable shirt with an expression of sleepy contentment then they were headed under the covers for a little while of cuddling while they talked through the day, maybe made plans for the next day and both drifted off. On those nights he has a fifty fifty record or better of getting her nice and relaxed before asking for and being granted a little help falling asleep. That usually took the form of her turning onto her back and looking up at him to hold eye contact as he spent a few minutes kneeling over her, his balls between her breasts as he thrust between her lips, his shaft sliding along her tongue as he pressed his tip deep into her throat in slow, purposeful movements until from the sight and submission as much as the sensation he reached climax and pumped himself out into her waiting mouth or straight down her throat. More cuddling and deep sleep always followed not long after.

        Tonight was not one of those nights. As she came out of the bathroom he looked up and felt himself growing to attention almost immediately. From her feet to just under the knees she was covered by long striped socks which accentuated the curves of her legs. From knee to hip she was bare, covered higher up only by a pair of small red lace panties. Above her stomach a  matching bra lifted her full breasts providing some very nice cleavage without covering much at all. She had wrapped her hair up in a tight bun, showing off the lines of her long neck where she wore her only other adornment of the night, a thin black collar with a silver ring hanging at the front.

        As his eyes roamed over her he threw back the covers and rose to stand closely in front of this vision and she cleared her throat and said in a voice simultaneously subdued and excited “Good evening Sir.” If the outfit hasn’t given away her intent then the title and collar told him everything he needed to know. She was his to do with as he wanted.

        “Good evening Miss.” He confirmed for her that he was playing as well and made the mental shift to put himself into a Dom headspace. His wife had gone in to shower, his sub had come out and now awaited his commands. He was only too happy to oblige.

        He gave himself a minute to think by walking around her enjoying the view, tracing his fingertips along her arm and up over her shoulder to cross the back of her neck. Her responding shivers and goosebumps made him smile as he looked her over.

        He stopped behind her, wrapping an arm loosely around her neck with the hand sliding along her chest and down to cup the far breast, the other tightening on her hip to pull her back against him. With her back flush against his chest he could feel the heat pouring off her and each shiver that raced along her skin as he raked his nails lightly up her side and down again.

        “What to do with my little red…” He mused aloud, then pulled his upper hand back across her chest to wrap his fingers around the front of her neck and turn her to look back at him. He kissed her, pulling her against him as the intensity of the kiss caused her to moan into his lips and her own hands reached up to hold his face.

        “Can’t have that.” He told her sternly. “Put your arms behind your back.” He demonstrated by carefully turning the left to bend at the elbow and come up behind her. She did the same with the right and he took both wrists into his own left to hold them at the small of her back. She gasped as he took full control of her body, pinning her arms between the two of them as he pulled her once more tightly against him then slid his right hand around her front to trace over the hot mound between her legs.

        She breathed heavily and shuddered as he started to rub up and down along her swollen lips, still covered by the thin lacy material. “Hold still.” He told her roughly, slipping his fingers under the edge of her panties to pull them aside and expose her to his attentions. Now when his fingers resumed their line up and down they found a warm wet path from her clit peaking out of its sheath down to the entrance he knew so well. She moaned and writhed against him as he slid his fingers into her, curling them up and back towards himself to press against the patch of nerves that always brought her close so easily. His hand behind her tightened on her wrists and pulling them up to better control her, the arm around her waist holding her firmly in place while his index and middle fingers curled inside her and his thumb started rubbing unending circles over her stimulated clit, steadily bringing her towards climax as she began to pant and buck in his arms.

        When she came it was with a stifled scream, thrashing her head side to side and pulling her arms forward against his restraining hold, then twisting back as her forward motion only drove his fingers deeper. He kept her going for a short while, enjoying this total control over her as she lost all control of herself until finally he was holding her up with the arm around her waist, having released her arms from the other as her knees gave out.

        “Sir…” she panted breathlessly, turning her head to look back at him, knowing after something like that he was likely to take whatever he wanted and hoping to head it off, “please let me…” He cut her off with a sharp command.

        “No. On the bed, on all fours. Keep your ass towards me.” She knew a flash of panic before it slid easily back into the relaxed grin of a satisfied woman. “Yes Sir.”

        She moved to the bed, his arms letting go only when he was sure she could stand and walk on her own again, and he watched intently as she raised one leg at a time to crawl onto the bed and stopped with her ankles hanging over the side, her backside in line with the edge of the mattress. She looked back at him and wagged her hips side to side tempting him forward and he growled strong and low at her. He dropped the little bit of clothing he had been wearing and stood fully erect behind her, enjoying the view and deciding on his next course of action.

        She looked him up and down over her shoulder and grinned. She loved the look of pure want on his face, that she could elicit this kind of lust in her man, and knew she’d be taken until well past her own limit to where she’d find herself simply floating as she was taken by the beast she unleashed in him.

        He wanted nothing more than to take her up on her unspoken offer, stepping forward to grab her hips and drive himself in to the hilt, relentlessly fucking this beautiful, brilliant woman from behind until he crashed over himself into an ecstasy of physical and emotional connection and pumped himself empty as deeply inside her as her could manage.

        He held back. If he took her lead, even for exactly what he wanted, he’d be giving her control and they couldn’t have that. Instead he stepped forward and delivered a ringing smack to one of her cheeks, eliciting a startled yelp that she quickly bit off to keep from making too much noise.

        “Head and chest down,” He commanded, “put your ass as high up as you can.” When she complied he reached around on either side of her to grab hold of her shoulders and slid them towards him on the bed, bending her further at the waist and pushing her backside up as much as possible. Her set her arms straight by her sides along the mattress to lay her hands on her own ankles and told her “You’re going to restrain yourself Miss.” She whimpered, knowing full well that this was one of her worst trials. “You know what will happen if you let go of your ankles?” His tone was still stern but playful as well. He was enjoying himself. She took a chance. “I’ll be spanked again Sir?” Her heart rate increased at his chuckle, then shot up when he said “No Miss. As soon as you let go of your ankles, I’m going to shove the full length of my cock up your ass and fuck you while you beg me to cum.”

        He barked out a laugh when he saw her fingers tighten to near white around her ankles and told her “Pace yourself Miss. I intend to.” Then he surprised her again by not entering her but instead taking a knee behind her, so close she could feel his hot breath on her swollen labia. She braced for the first pass of his tongue, knowing from past experience that he loved to shock her into a quick mistake by spreading his tongue flat for a long, slow first lick bottom to top and that he was completely serious about how he’d make her pay. He never faltered on his promises.

        She was so surprised she almost let go anyway. While she has been distracted by being repositioned and having him lay his plans and threats for the night, the devious bastard must have reached up by the headboard and recovered her favorite vibrator. With a good length and enough width to give her a full, stretched feeling it made the top of her list because the second, smaller bit that stuck out the front moved in little circles just enough to be incredibly stimulating.

        He had brought the vibrating main shaft up against her lips and was pressing it in at the top to put a delicious pressure against her clit, fully out of its hood from her earlier spasms standing against him. She felt the vibrations shooting through her and out in every direction, already making her body shake as she started the steady climb towards another orgasm. Sir knew after she had her first she could be brought to more easily enough and always made full use of this power over her. She had closed her eyes to concentrate on keeping her grip on her ankles as she experienced the vibrator sliding up and down against her, but when he slid it down a bit further and tilted it to enter her on the next slide back up she looked back at him to find his gaze intent on her expressions. It was already slick with lube, another thing he had snuck past her. She was panting with her lids half closed and saw him grinning widely at the effect he was having on her.

        The vibrator was fully inserted now, moving in and out by only an inch or two to provide the perfect stimulation as she felt the widest part of its shaft stretching her as the whole thing put out continuous gentle vibrations. It was almost too much of a good thing.

        “You’re shaking, Miss. Is it too much? Should I stop?” How could he read her mind like that? She moaned again loudly, fighting the urge to give in. She knew if she did it would cost her. She could almost feel his smile at her self-discipline and wasn’t surprised to hear it in his voice as he went on. “Good girl. You’ve gotten good at this Miss, but you will give in to me.” He punctuated his statement by pushing the toy all the way in, bringing the little front bit into contact with her while the longer shaft pressed deeply. She cried out at the increase and felt her knuckles go white again. She could not let him win.

        Straight from the shower and freshly shaved, he stood behind taking in the view of her dripping wet pussy being filled by the toy in his hand, her position at the edge of the bed pushing her hips and rear as high and possible while spreading her cheeks beautifully. With each panting breath  he could see her whole body rising and lowering and her pert little asshole inviting his attentions. Clean, tight and pink he was drawn to play only inches above the vibrator he continued to work in and out of her. There was something he had imagined plenty, and without knowing how she would react he couldn’t see a better chance to find out than now.

        “What will happen if you let go, Miss?” He loved to make her say all sorts of things. Describing what she was doing. Begging for more, harder, deeper. Repeating fantasies and names he gave her. She knew holding back from telling him what he wanted would only prolong her torture. “You’ll take me, Sir!”

        “How will I take you, Miss?” He pushed the toy particularly deep as he added, “In detail.” She stifled another cry of pleasure by pushing her face into the sheets, straining to hold back as she struggled to keep her composure and put together an answer. “In the ass Sir! You said you’ll bury your cock in my ass!”

        “And when will I stop?” He had one hand reaching around her to pinch her nipple while the other kept the toy moving in and out, pressing against her over-sensitized clit, always vibrating. She screamed into the mattress but somehow managed to hold on though she was twisting in place, trying anything to find an escape. Almost anything.

        “When I beg you to cum! Sir!” She almost forgot to add his title, which would have made all of this even more intense if that were possible and she simply didn’t know if she could handle any more. She had started to climax in a rolling, ongoing upward spiral which she knew from past experience would leave her happily exhausted and just as happy to agree to nearly anything. He knew what he was doing and would likely have her begging for anal or whatever else he wanted her to say before much longer. She had to hold on as long as she could.

        Her resolve lasted only until he revealed his next trick. She knew through her haze of endorphins that he had let her go, the pressure from both of his hands disappearing off her body for a moment before she felt him again, his warm hands grabbing both of her cheeks and spreading them wide. He did love to look and though he had left the vibrator in place deep inside her she thought she could handle that, so long as nothing else happened. Then she felt the touch of something hot, wet and slickly rough landing right on the most sensitive center of her puckered back door. It slid across, sending shocks through her body before leaving completely and landing to start again.

        He was licking her asshole! She shuddered violently, a whole body shake that moved in a wave from her toes up to her shoulders as she threw her head back with a cry of surprise and she could admit secretly to herself one of further ecstasy. She had mentioned having seen photos of this online but didn’t know what he’d thought. When she thought she had seen and felt all of his tricks he could still shock her with new sensations! She bucked and writhed as her fingers opened and closed on her ankles, all the while feeling the hot tip of his tongue drawing circles where she’d never been licked before.

        The added intensity was unbelievable! It felt like a shaft of pure heated adrenaline was coursing from her groin straight up her spine. Her muscles were contracting so tightly while at the same time trying to loosen and just find a way out from under this tidal wave of pleasure that she knew it was making her whole body shake like a leaf. She needed to find a way, any way to make it stop.

        “P-please Sir!” She managed to gasp out. She didn’t even know if she’d really said it out loud or she was loud enough to hear her. He was behind her after all, doing the dirtiest, most off limits, sexiest thing she’d ever imagined! The thought sent another wave rocketing through her as she continued in one long, uncontrollable climax.

        He paused and when he spoke she could hear the thrill and excitement in his own voice. “Please what Miss?” She took the reprieve as a moment to pant and shrieked when she felt his swirling licks resume, right above the vibrating toy he had started moving in and out again. She wouldn’t get a break that way.

        “I’ll do anything!” She knew she was at a near yell but didn’t have the extra control needed to keep herself quiet. Everything she had was going towards holding her grip on her ankles. She knew what he wanted to hear and started begging. “I’ll suck your cock Sir! As deep as you want! As much as you want!”

        He paused again. “As MUCH as I want?” He clarified, and she saw a chance. She had to take it.

        “Yes! Yes Sir! All day if you want!”

        The grin was back in his voice and the rumble that meant she had him close and hot alongside her. She just had to find out how much it would cost her to finish him.

        “One week.” His hands were carressing her backside, running down to the wetness between her legs, keeping her gasping for breath and distracted. She had to concentrate or she’d give away much more than she intended. “Your mouth and throat will be mine without question for one week.”

        If she agreed she’d be spending the next week in a blur of his erectcock pushing into her throat and unloading load after load of warm semen over her tongue. She imagined he’d be getting up every morning to kneel over her chest and lifting the back of her head with his hands wrapped in her hair to hold her in place while he fucked her mouth, coffee and breakfast tasting like the early cum she’d have as the start of every day. He’d likely use the opportunity to fulfill other fantasies and use her warm, wet mouth while on the phone with friends or put her under his desk during zoom calls to take his time and edge himself rubbing against the inside of her cheek with an occasional slow deep push to deepthroat her and hold her in place while he chatted with unknowing coworkers. He had recently mentioned putting himself in her mouth to stay and sitting back to look up porn on his computer, seeing just how many times he’d be able to make himself fill her mouth in a night when given limitless opportunity. She’d given him free reign once before and spent the minutes before every meal and twice again at bedtime with her mouth full of fresh spurts from his thrusts, not to mention simply sucking on him so he could enjoy the view during his showers and while making dinner. She had swallowed more of his cum in a day then she normally did in any two week period. She was almost certain he’d be able to keep up nearly that pace for a week. Could she?

        She was about to counter-offer and try to get him down to only a day or two when she felt his shaft press against her from underneath and begin sliding back and forth between her dripping lips, pushing the vibrator deeper. Each move forward brought his swollen head rubbing against her clit and elicited a new moan. When she felt the traces of his fingers sliding towards her back door she gave in.

        “Yes! My throat is all yours Sir! For a whole week! Please!” This last she shrieked as her hands finally gave way and fell shaking uncontrollably away from both ankles at once.



        Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! If you have ideas for anything you’d like to read, please let me know…

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          Very hot stuff!

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            Super hot but I was pulling for you to get her ass!

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            Wow!! That was hot!  🔥

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              Wow, that was very steamy!!!! I enjoyed it all the way through…

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                Wow! That was great.

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