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      I just signed up because I am looking for community of people who won’t judge me or see me as broken because of my desires.

      I’m 55 from the United States. I’ve recently divorced from a man who was my friend for years, and still is. We are good a being friends, but bad at being spouses. We stayed married for 20 yrs because neither of us wanted to move on so it was convenient. We finally did the deed tho.

      I’ve been in an online only Master/bitch relationship for almost 2 years with a wonderful natural Dom. He just IS that way, and although I am his first and only sub, he knows instinctively how to be Master. He made me fall in love with him, but recently he has been pushing me away as a sub, and it’s heartbreaking. I have no one in my life who would understand me, or why it’s heartbreaking, or even why I want to be his sub to begin with, so I am here looking for understanding and hopefully friendship with people who do understand the kind of bond and trust and deep connection that forms within this type of relationship.

      I hope I’m in the right place.

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      Hi stray. I am so sorry to hear about your relationship. That is so hard when you don’t understand why something is happening and there is nothing you can do about it. You have found a very supportive community here, and I assure you no one will judge or dismiss your feelings. We will offer, support, advice if you seek it, and probably ask a lot of nosy questions because we are nosy people but we do it out of love. 😁 Welcome to the Safewords Club. Glad to have you here, I wish it were under better circumstances.

      If you click on the Live Chat link you will find our chat rooms. There are four scheduled chats each week (those are listed under the events tab) but you can often pop into the Main Lounge and you will find someone there due to all the different time zones. So if you see a name listed, say hi. And hopefully you can make our next scheduled chat, Friday at 8pm CDT.

      We also have a private space for subs only called The Subs Space. It’s a safe space where Doms are not allowed because sometimes subs just need to be able to get support without worrying who is reading. To join, click Members, then The Subs Space.

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      Thank you for your response and the information. I look forward to exploring the site and getting to know you and others who know where I’m at and who I am.

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