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      Hello there

      Me and my master/husband is new to this lifestyle. But like all subs i still have to learn and be taught. One thing is i hate giving a bj and i refuse most of the time before we decided to start this lifestyle. And once again a fell into the habit of refucing a bj even if my master ordered one. This will be our first dicipline session  as master and slave. What will be a good punishment for my behavior.

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      Captain’s Girl

      Have you considered orgasm denial? You denied his order, so he denies your pleasure.

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      Beth [MM]

      Many different thing could work, find something that will work for the both of you. Here are some suggestions –
      Corporal punishment, i.e. spanking, kneeling on rice
      Writing lines
      Practice fellatio on a dildo
      Orgasm denial as suggested above

      You two might want to discuss why you dislike giving bjs and address those issue. Then try to find positives for you, like happiness in service, in giving pleasure, etc. And maybe some positive reinforcement after the bj for you.

      I didn’t like giving them when we first started, but I’ve learned to enjoy serving him. I love giving him pleasure, it’s a little bit of a power trip for me knowing that I can make him feel so very good. I learned to deep throat so he usually cums in the back of my mouth and I don’t really taste it.

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      Beth is right about discussing the issue, of course, but that should have come first. If we were already in a scene and it was a legitimate order under our Contract then I would turn you around and give it to you in the ass instead. Not gently.

      Would that work or shall I say what would happen if you refused again next time?


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      There is funishment and there is punishment.  Punishment we take very serioulsy and it is rarely needed.  You can’t hit me hard enough to make an impact for punishment.  My pain tolerance is through the rough and the harder you are on me the more I can go into a shell and just dare you to try it again.  But for us, when I have done something bad, he tends to ignore me and back off. He can get really cold.  His sunshine on me is the warmth of the sun but when his clouds blow over it is the coldest winter night ever.   That alone will crush me beyond words. It has more of an impact than the games and funishment and all of the D/s stuff combined.  Do. Not. Ignore. Me. That will really get my attention.  You have to understand that we have been together for over 37 years. Married 37 years this summer. We operate like a well oiled machine and have been D/s somewhere around four years of more but BDSM stuff earlier.  Things just work for us and the idea of punishment needs to be seen as you really, really messed up. It is a serious thing.  Not for dishes not done.  Not for even a tad bit of sass.  I am thinking what i have done lately that got me in hot water. Disrespecting him would be el numero uno.

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        I am 100% with you on this ceres. I can’t stand to be ignored, both in and out of BDSM relationship. If I send a text, IM, etc. and you ignore me, I hate it. Drives me crazy!

        For me, I punish myself far more than Master ever could. Regardless of how much pain He puts me through, it will never be more than I feel for disappointing Him.

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