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        Hi everybody,

        I tried to participate in the chat room last night, and I found it impossible to use my new Samsung Galaxy tablet! It would blow up all the text and it was not possible to see what I was typing. I feel bad I had to sign off without saying much or even saying good bye. What are others using for a stable, useable chat rom experience?

        Thanks, Chatonne

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          Sorry you experienced technical difficulties, Chatonne!

          I use Firefox on my laptop (PC).

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            Hi chatonne, I have a new browser and now use opera instead. I had a similar issue with chrome which was very frustrating. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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            As the others mentioned, chat apparently doesn’t like Chrome.  It wouldn’t work on my phone either.  I use Firefox on both platforms now and it works fine.

            Keep trying!  We will be glad to see  you!


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              Thanks for the responses! I was indeed using Chrome and have just downloaded Firefox. Got my fingers crossed!


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              MJL’s Vixen Lee

                Hello. On my Galaxy the general Internet works without zooming in but not Chrome. I hope that helps you and you don’t have to download anything as it is programmed to the phone…VL


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