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      I have been married for 10.5 years to my amazing husband who I met and started dating at school when we were both 15.  We have both developed a little curiosity and I have been following the submissy blogs for a short while now.
      I’m very easily embarrassed and not usually so open, but this year, despite what has been happening in the world, has provided alot of reflection and have resulted in me opening up to my husband about what has always been bubbling beneath the surface of my own feelings, even looking back to dates when we were teenagers. We are awfully new and have only just started using toys and begun to undertake more dominant/submissive roles in the bedroom (gosh it’s so hard to admit this).


      I’m not totally sure where I’m going with this but I think speaking to others may help.

      The blog is amazing and really insightful.


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      Welcome Hana! This  site is a great supportive community. It has been very helpful for us as we have started our journey in this last year, and I hope you find it to be as well.

      Please feel free to join in the chats, as it is an opportunity to meet a lot of like-minded people.

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      Thankyou. I’ve recieved two private messages and already feeling a little less bewildered. Everyone seems so friendly.  I wasn’t aware there was a chat room until I received a ping 🙂

      Hoping to explore the forum a little more today if I find opportunity to.

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      Hello, Hana,

      It’s understandable to be shy speaking publicly about intimate and unconventional desires but please remember: literally everyone here is kinky, too.

      I haven’t been here long but it doesn’t take long to recognize good people when you meet them. You will find the community welcoming and non-judgmental.


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      I really enjoyed listening into the chat yesterday and had a private conversation too which was really helpful. Given us some things to talk about. Everyone has been so welcoming. 🙂

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      Hi Hana,

      Great to meet you. Many of us are new to the site, this year, and to D/s as long term couples. My Sir and I have been married 37 years and known each other for 40 and just began this journey last year with many stumbling blocks in the first 12 months. I am usually easily embarrassed over these type of topics but am growing quickly here. Bonus is nobody can see my blushes except My Sir.

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      Hello Mr C’s Aussie Girl.

      I have found it much easier to talk on here and have already had some super helpful information. I have so many questions floating around. My husband has asked me to reach out too if it will help 🙂

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        One good thing is no one really knows who you are, so what the hell, right? And like Master said, everyone here is into the same or similar things you are, so there is no shame or embarrassment. The group here is so friendly and supportive. You can always message us individually if you don’t want to post in one of the lounges. And any name with a check mark next to it is a site moderator, so please contact any of them if you have questions or problems with anyone on the site. We do get trolls every now and them, and the mods can send them packing.

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      Welcome Hana, nice to meet you.

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