Hello my new open friends!

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      Hi All!
      I’m Domesticatedwolff, a joke my wife and I have made for years about how I used to be a rock climbing, motorcycle riding, skydiving adrenaline junkie… and now I’m happily married with two kids and look forward to silly things like mowing patterns in the yard.

      I spent nearly a decade in the military, got out to concentrate on family, and collect education degrees as a hobby. I’m a welder, a teacher and a man with unending fantasies; it only makes sense that I ended up as a Don. Feel free to ask about this or anything else, I’m always happy to share! I’m now a high school teacher of all crazy things, not at all where I thought I’d end up but enjoying it; I’m strictly professional with my students of course, though playing a Hogwarts student in need of a better grade is one of my wife’s recurring favorites.

      Like all of you I’ve been looking for a community to share and talk with for a long time, wanting to discuss, learn and share my own experiences without judgement or concerns that it’ll come back to bite me somehow. I’m thrilled to have found what looks to be a great place here!

      I am a prolific writer, both erotic fiction and my own real world experiences so keep an eye out for my stories and please let me know what you think! I would love honest critiques of my writing, how to make it easier to read and the characters and settings better, as well as just hearing when and how you’ve enjoyed it!

      I’ll leave most of my identifying characteristics to your imagination which I always find is fun, and hope to trade what I know for all the ideas and education in bdsm this group has to offer!


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      Welcome DomWolff. You have definitely found a great community here, one that is open and friendly and likes to have fun while sharing and supporting each other. Is your wife also joining the site? If so, please have her check out The Sub Space, a private forum for submissives only. I promise no evil goes on, it’s just a safe place for subs to talk and get support, ask questions and share ideas.

      I look forward to reading some of your work and hope to see you in chat.


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      Welcome to the site DW!  I hope you and your wife can join us for some of our scheduled chats and participate in the group.  As CSP mentioned we have a great supporting community here and we have a lot of good discussions.  Check the events page for times for both the UK and US chats.

      Hope to see you there sometime!


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      Hello and welcome, DW.

      Yes, I think you’ve found the place you’re looking for. As a writer you’ll probably enjoy the game planned for the 10/8 chat: people write out a fantasy without any clues as to who the author is and submit it to MyPetsLord (https://thesafewordsclub.com/members/mypetslord/) who will post them in chat for us to guess who the author is.

      If your wife will be joining us she might like The Subs Space, a submissives-only discussion board where subs can ask questions, share experiences or just chat. She can ask my slave, CruelsSexPuppet (https://thesafewordsclub.com/members/trying2bsub/) for an invitation.

      Looking forward to reading your stories!


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