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      OK I’m new and young but at the same time have known for at least 2 years what I wanted to be on a surface level. Like i know im submissive and I wanna be a kitty. I also recently have a feeling for being a middle in the Dd/lg scene. My first question is well is that too much?

      And my 2nd is will I ever be able to tell my girl best friend?. Because I really want to and I dont have anyone to share with.

      3rd question is, im I wrong to feel like I’d never find a Daddy dom? And (this is silly) be jealous of fiction and people who have relationships of any romantic kind? i mean I know im young and have time but, I just can’t stop feeling like this and it does not help that my self of steem and confidence is basically trash… I know that im not supposed to feel like this but in my generation everyone has or had someone… I feel like a outsider and it makes me want to just give up on relationships and love… I try to ignore it all around me but its too much now and at this point I’ll have to wait till im 27 or almost 30 for my first deal relationship and I don’t think I have that type of patiences.

      I’m sorry if I sound whiney or something but this is the first time I could vent fully to anyone.

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      Hi Brownkitty,

      My apologies for not even posting an acknowledgement!  Boy, you do have a lot going on in that head of you don’t you?  I think everything you are feeling is quite natural, and probably most people have more questions than answers to begin with.

      My wife missy is a submissive and has middle leaning from time to time, so you’re in good company!  Speaking of which,  hopefully your best friend would be understanding. A lot of people react strangely to  alternative lifestyles either because they are threatened or don’t fully understand the concept. You may need to work out which camp she is in first.

      With regard to finding someone, well that takes time and like everything new, just take time and be careful!



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      Beth [MM]

      Hello Brownkitty,

      Nice to meet you.

      We are all multifaceted so I don’t think being a sub and a kitty and a middle is too much, lots of fun areas for you to explore.

      It really depends on your friend’s views. If she’s pretty open to stuff you’d probably be okay. If you’re not sure, it might be best to feel the topic out slowly. You would know better than we would how accepting she will be.

      I agree with HisLordship that your feelings are natural. I have been jealous of fictional characters, lol, so you’re not the only one. I think it takes a lot of patience to meet the right person. I didn’t date much in my teens and 20s. Most of my friends and coworkers were married long before I met my husband. I figured I’d be an old maid, single forever, lol. My advice is look for friendship. My husband was my best friend before he was my fiancé. If you want to meet other kinky people in person a munch is usually a safe way to do it. You can find munches local to you on FetLife.com.

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