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        Hello there, I’m Evelyn in Massachusetts, US. I joined this group about a week ago, hoping to meet other subs. I’m new to the lifestyle and still learning, still making silly mistakes. I’m lucky that my Master is very understanding, and his punishments are not too severe… yet. Anyway, looking forward to “meeting” new likeminded friends.

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        Welcome to the site Evelyn.  Hope you can join us in the chats one of these days.  The US centered chat happens on Fridays at 9pm your time.  There is a chat even if there isn’t anything on the calendar (which has been glitchy lately).  The UK centered chats are on Sundays and Tuesday at 3pm your time.

        We have a private group for submissives called Sub-Space.  If you are interested we can get you access so you can talk to the other site submissives without the Doms watching.

        Once again, welcome to the site.  Hope we see you around!



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