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        Hi Everyone, I just want to say hello.

        I believe I’m a sub and not had a lot of experience but I’ve been interested in this lifestyle for years. Became single last year and after having a terrible relationship/breakup, I’m slowly coming out of the other side and trying to find myself again.

        I found this website while we were still together but only just signed up. Would love to talk to people who understand the lifestyle as I don’t know anyone else who is interested.

        I would also like to eventually meet someone (male Dom), can anyone give any advice on how I can find someone local and who isn’t pretending to be a Dom? (UK)

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        Hey Sparkle, welcome to the site!  Feel free to ask questions, we will do our best to answer them.

        We have weekly chats as well that you can join and ask questions at.  They are listed under the events tab.  The UK chats are on Sundays and Tuesdays, but lots of US folks attend as well.  We love having new people attend the chats so feel free to join in.  Please let me know if you need anything, and I look forward to seeing you in chat sometime.


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          Welcome, Sparkle!  Sorry to hear about your recent breakup.  I hope this new chapter in your life brings lots of good things your way.  Glad you are here. 🙂

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            Welcome Sparkle!

            Depending on your area you may be able to search for local “munches” or bdsm gatherings and meet ups. Most big cities have a club or three; Dom/sub, Sadist/masochist or bdsm. Any good club will have a list of rules and possibly a test or application online to keep everyone safe and having fun.
            Talk to MLP (the first respondent above) about getting access to the SubSpace, which is only for subs. You’ll get a lot of good info without any pressure and meet some great folks.

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              Hi, Sparkle, and welcome!

              I can only second MLP about joining the scheduled chats.  People are very welcoming.  And Wolff is right re. looking for local events.  Munches etc. were the topic of today’s chat.  You can go to the Red Room (you need to be logged in for that) and see the conversation.

              Also, maybe some of the UK members can recommend local events.  You can send members private messages by clicking on the little icon that pops up when you hover over their name in a chat.

              Finding a Dom can be a long process, so don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t happen quickly. Learning about D/s and meeting people online and locally are good first steps.

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                Hi Sparkle; welcome! Sorry to hear about your difficult time last year. This site has been really helpful for me in navigating my own feelings and emotions as I’ve been dipping my toes into D/s with my husband. I hope you find it similarly welcoming and are able to build some friendships. People are encouraging and will be glad to see you around! I’m not on much as joining chats is difficult for my time zone (I live in Hong Kong), but glad to have you here!

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