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      To set the scene; We thought it would be fun for herself to be a late teens schoolgirl, Dressed in a white shirt, atop a black pencil skirt above the knee, white knee length socks and black strappy stilettos. Her dark red tightly curled hair had a pony tail in it.

      I’m in a shirt and tie and formal trousers.

      Two days previously I’d set her homework. The title of the essay was ‘Why I have a propensity to break school rules and why I think I might be above them’.


      The door opened and she tentatively walked into my office as any head strong 18 year old schoolgirl might appear; Tie not tied correctly, shirt knotted at the waist, and twirling her dark red tightly curled hair with two fingers. The only thing missing was her chewing gum. Thank goodness for small mercies then. But I still had to reveal to her what I knew about her and how it should be dealt with.

      I was sitting behind my desk and motioned for her to stand before me. Needless to say she was fidgeting, her hands picking at her skirt hem and swaying side to side.

      “Stand still please Jill. Have you the homework you were set?” “No Sir. I haven’t” “Why not?” “I forgot Sir”

      Naturally she didn’t know why she’d forgotten, but I noticed she wasn’t as bratty as I anticipated, maybe ‘halfway headstrong?’.  Further enquiries as to why she believed she didn’t feel it necessary to obey the instructions of other staff members or rules in general were met with a shrug, a “don’t know”, or a smirk.

      “Turn around please” and she turned away from me. “Go over and lift up that grey jersey over the chair”. she did as instructed to reveal dildos, butt plugs, a crop, a couple of ropes and one or two other items.

      “Those were found in your locker girl”.

      “They’re not mine”.

      “Really? How is it they were in your locker, found by a teacher?”

      “I don’t know, but they’re not mine”.

      “Okay, so who do they belong to?”

      “A friend”.

      “Which friend?

      “I’ve forgotten”.

      It was then that to avoid any further verbal tennis I stood up and told her to bend over and place her hands on the chair arm.

      “Lift up your skirt girl”

      “I forgot to put on my panties”

      “I don’t care, lift it up”

      And with that, she did so, and the first spank came down on her ripe backside. Followed by another. she winced but grinned too. she loves the contact and ensuing rush from the pain.

      I tried the crop too, leaving a red five bar gate, and later when reposed, used it lightly on her cunt to concentrate her mind.


      I have to say, she makes one hell of a schoolgirl even if homework wasn’t the top of her agenda.

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