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        It had been a long day for them both and they simply held onto one another by the edge of the bed for a few minutes. He kissed her forehead occasionally and she snuggled into his chest. Whatever else, they always felt better being together.

        When they separated and climbing into bed it was around the tray of tea and cookies he had put together while she was making sure the kids were really asleep. Now they both relaxed back into pillows side by side, laughing together and watching a past season of baking while they sipped.

        He finished his tea first, letting her pull her mug then taking the tray away to clear the bed. When he returned and resumed his seat next to her she asked “Could I lay on your lap for a while?”

        He smiled and shifted himself back to sit more upright. “Of course, Love.” She put her mug down on the beside table and spent a few moments adjusting the covers to keep her feet warm but leave her back exposed so he could run his hands over her. She always slept best after feeling his fingertips tracing over her, clearing away the day and claiming his ownership. He always slept best after, well, they would get to that.

        Another episode, the whole time spent running his fingers through her hair and down her neck, tracing along her spine and out over her sides. Swirling designs along her lower back, leaning over to reach his hands down to cup her cheeks, pulling them to spread and kneed then continuing his light touches down along her thighs. Reversing course to climb back up, all the while swirling and raising goosebumps as relaxation turned to excitement. Pulling her cheeks apart once more to run his fingertips lightly over her lower lips, eliciting a moan and shallow breathes. Up along her ribs, fingernails leaving a line of scratches that brought more fast, shallow breathing. When his hand again reached her neck she turned into it, rolling her body away from the screen to face her master.

        She looked up at him and sighed contentedly as he ran his thumb along the lips of her slightly parted mouth, smiling as his palm held her chin and then left her skin to find the fly in his own boxers. As he pulled himself out to stand erect before her face, she looked at a question at him and started to sit up.

        “How would you like it, Sir?”

        His hand gripped her hair and gently pulled her down to lay on his lap once more. “Just like this,” he told her, and she relaxed into being positioned however he liked.

        He pulled her head back, lining up her soft warm lips with the underside of his shaft and reveling in the sight and sensation as she took her cue and began to lick and suck at the sensitive area just under the tip. Now it was his turn to sigh, leaning back to enjoy as his Miss worshiped his shaft and brought drips of precum running down to meet her eager lips and tongue.

        He slid himself further sideways, laying nearly in sixtynine with her now but keeping himself up on one elbow to look at her, watching as his shift brought his tip to her mouth and she obeyed by taking him in, lips parting and sheething her teeth to allow him full access to her warm, wet mouth. He pushed himself in slowly, watching inch after inch enter her.

        When half of him was wrapped in the warmth of her mouth and feeling her tongue sliding beneath it, he began to pump his hips forward and back. Moving slowly at first, simply enjoying the control he had over this beautiful, intelligent woman. Strong and capable, she could do anything, and right now she was his to use however he saw fit.

        That thought made him grin as he started to speed up his thrusting, pushing himself slightly deeper than before. Her hands came up to help guide and control him, as she would often wrap her fingers around the base of his shaft to keep him perfectly aimed and to keep him from pushing too deep. Tonight he had other plans. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand down along her body, laying it on the sheets between them and pressing it down, letting her know it should stay. When he removed his hand she kept hers in place. Good girl.

        His now free hands both moved towards his waist to rest on her head. One around the back to loosely hold her, hair running between his fingers without control but containing the promise of tightening and forcing if necessary. The other found her neck, fingers sliding around to hold her again just as loosely but being able to direct her in staying still while she was used. Then he let himself go.

        The toughest part of any play for him was always the holding back his own internal beast, making sure she was taken care of and he never pushed her too hard or too far. Very occasionally though, such as tonight, he let that beast loose and simply took what he wanted. What had started as loving touches and soft suckling was now a determined face fucking.

        His shaft entered and left her mouth with the regularity of a piston, shoving her lips aside and he shifted positions again to lay entirely next to her, lining his cock up with her upturned mouth to ensure a straight entry as deeply as he wanted to go. He pressed deeper, forcefully across her tongue to meet the opening to her throat. She gagged and pulled back, but it was an involuntary reaction and her hand stayed obediently down between then where he had placed it. He noted this and responded by pulling hard against the back of her head while pushing his hips forward. The result was a bulge in her throat he could feel beneath his other hand as more than two thirds of his length entered her and he began roughly throatfucking her.

        Each penetration was equal parts thrusting and pulling, forcing himself through her open willing mouth and back into the tighter confines further back. Each time he thrust deeply he would emphasize it with a tilting of his pelvis to get as much of himself into her as possible, getting pure enjoyment from her reflexive gagging. He pushed himself in and paused, holding her head in place and looking at her to see his shaft disappearing between her lips to appear below the underside of her chip as an obvious bulge. She started to thrash, her free hand hitting his side then griping her fingers into the sheets as she struggled. He was panting now as he resumed fucking her mouth, feeling himself slowly building towards orgasm but still having plenty of pounding left in him before he’d reach his peak. If this had been a night with her on her back and him pinning her from above it would be just the right amount to bring her to climax multiple times before he finished. As it was they were still clothed in pajamas as they lay side by side in what would be a sixty nine position and he alternated between letting gods gaze roam over her legs, crotch and chest, and concentrating on the sight of his cock plowing into her mouthdeep enough to stretch his fingers wrapped around her throat. Using her tonight purely for his own pleasure she was nearly helpless before this onslaught.

        Only nearly, as he found when she unsheathed her teeth. Without moving any of her body she pulled back her lips to let her teeth come into contact with the sensitive skin of his shaft. He continued pumping with a sharp intake of breathe as the slight pain added enough to his thrusting to push him over the edge.

        Most of the time when giving him head she would pull back as he started to pulse, keeping just his tip between her lips so she could use her tongue to catch his warm cum and keep it from firing too far back which would make her gag. Everything about it still felt great and it made things easier on her so he would allow it.

        This evening however he was using her as he wanted and he decided she’d get no such relief. Just as he felt his first shot building, he rammed himself as deep as he could to the feeling of her teeth skimming along him and his tip pressing in to be gripped by the tightness of her throat once more. He threw an arm around the back of her head and was curled around her nose, his cock buried almost entirely inside her as he pulled her close and held her firmly in place. With her unable to move and being forced to throat him, he reached climax and started to pump his load directly down her throat. She gagged once then began working to swallow as quickly as she could, the velvety fell off her neck muscles contracting only working to milk shot after shot out of him as he emptied himself into her.

        When he was mostly spent and his group started to relax she immediately pulled back, receiving one last pump of his cum over her tongue as she pulled away and sat up coughing. He lay back with a grin, enjoying the afterglow of having used her so completely as well as the sounds and sights of her holding a hand over her mouth to steady herself as she gulped down the last of his warm semen.

        She left to brush her teeth and came back shortly to climb back into bed and curl up against him, his arms wrapping her this time in a loving embrace. As they drifted off her kissed her forehead once more, whispering “Hood night Miss” and getting a sleepy “God night Sir,” in return. She yawned and continued as she snuggled deeper against him , “Wake me up when you’d like some more…”

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        Oh love it Wolff! What a wonderful story.

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        MJL’s Vixen Lee

          What an enjoyable read. It has been fun reading stories written by members of the site. Thank you DW…


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            MJL’s Vixen Lee


              I hope this trend continues. It is nice to see how we express our fantasies through short stories…

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              Wonderful story, Wolff.  Thank you so much.  You write so well about both pleasure and connection.

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                Very hot Wolff! I love your writing. Your stories are erotic but always convey the care and devotion Sir has for miss. They are fun to read but I also feel like they give a glimpse into your life, and that adds another layer to them.


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                  That was very steamy……☺️

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