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    hi there,


    i am a young (30) male, who is interested in the D/S lifestyle, yet i have not much experience and would like to change that. i consider myself a dominant, as in i want to be in control and am not good at bending to someone elses will. i would, however, like to explore myself and my inclinations some more.

    i was thinking about starting simple, perhaps an online relationship with a submissive woman. does anybody have experience with that kind of thing? is that a good way to learn about yourself and your penchant for D/S? does anybody know an online place where one could find submissive women that are interested in an online-only relationship?

    perhaps my request sounds strange, i am just trying to figure this out. any constructive advice or directions would be welcome on how to explore these matters some more.




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    My apologies for not replying sooner!

    If you are looking for an on line sub there is always Fetlife to find events and people in your local areas.  Or you could try  we met the owners at an event not long ago and they seemed very nice people.



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