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        I have been thinking about him all day.

        Last night is kind of a blur, but one moment stands out: I was kneeling over him, sucking his cock, and his index finger was on my clit. The pressure was light, almost so light that he was barely touching me, but I was so turned on that the slightest movement brought me to orgasm. He had chuckled and said, “I can control you so much with just a little finger. I have plans for you this weekend.” I came again at his words and the authority behind them; the thought of him controlling me drove me crazy.

        “Yes, control me, my lord!” I cried, and he removed his finger so he was sure I could hear his words.

        “You’ll just have to prove to me that you deserve to be controlled,” he said. I went down on him so hard after that, forcefully thrusting and taking him deep until he moaned in pleasure. His index finger came back up to touch my throbbing clit. My mind was blank with pleasure and belonging.

        These memories have been bouncing around in my head since then. I want more: the orgasms he brought me to were so thorough, the sensation of belonging to him so strong. I can almost feel his hard cock on my lips. He is starting to game; his friend has been waiting for him for a while. I sit across the house and text him.

        –        So, no mouthful, eh?

        Game is starting

        –        It’s OK, I’ll wait for next time

        Mouthful while I play? Haha

        –        Oh man. I would.

        Maybe he’s joking. Maybe he’s not. The idea of sucking him under his desk while he games turns me on, and I know I want to try. I sidle across the house. He is focused on his game and only glances briefly at me. I raise my eyebrows at him and nod toward his desk, and surprise covers his face. He scoots his chair back and I try to fold myself under the desk. It is a bit too short and I have to hunch. The clicking continues. His mic is on; he is talking strategy with his friend.

        I pull his chair closer to me, both so he can reach his mouse and so I can reach his pants. I pull them back just enough for his hard shaft to emerge. He has clearly been thinking about me since I mentioned it. Without preamble, I close my lips on his head. I hear a sigh and see his body shift, the only indicators of his pleasure. His mic is still on.

        Being squeezed under his desk giving him head while he games – like some kind of sex slave – is arousing me to whole new levels. Despite the demeaning posture, I feel empowered, and I enjoy his attempts to keep quiet while I thrust hard with my mouth. I hit my head on the desk and he scoots back to give me more space. I come up more on my knees so I can take him deeper into my throat.

        “I’m going to have to mute for a minute, bro,” I hear him say. After a few clicks he shoves his chair back with a growl. He stands quickly to pull off his pants and then resumes his seat, grabbing my head to control the thrusting himself. “Oh babe,” he moans, and that is all, but I know that I have both taken him by surprise and immensely pleased him. With more space to move, I can take him with more vigour, and the combination of his pleasure and his increasingly hardening cock bring me to orgasm. I am writhing under the desk. His hands are firmly on each side of my head, guiding me as I suck him. I increase the pressure; I feel like biting him but I must take care not to hurt him, so I cover my teeth with my lips and bear down.

        I am thinking of his game. It isn’t one that you can pause. Finally, I reluctantly let him slip out of my throat and speak up. “Shall I keep sucking you, or do you want to come, my lord?”

        “Oh, I want to come,” he snarls, his breath coming in short gasps. I am so gratified to hear how turned on he is. I redouble my efforts to bring him to orgasm, and with his guidance, he soon shoots his cum into my hand. We both stumble to the bathroom to rinse off, and as he’s quickly clothing himself again to return to his game, he looks towards me with wide eyes. “You know I was only kidding, babe!”

        I smile broadly. I feel victorious, both used for his pleasure and utterly satisfied. “Yes, but I wasn’t.”

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          This is so good eden! I can totally picture it in my mind as I read your words, and see your smile at the end. Very hot! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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            Fantastic Eden! Worn with just the right amount of bumping into things and trying to fit under a desk to show experience at having tried!

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                hahaha thanks Wolff! It was definitely a real-life happening.

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                I love this!  One of my favorite kinky memories is of entertaining myself with Wall’s cock while he watched the NHL Winter Classic years ago.   I’ve done the same through a few boring movies as well…

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                    Oh for the time to watch movies together again! One day! (I approve of this method of entertainment btw)

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                    That was wonderful, Eden! Very erotic, very real, showing your mind as well as your actions.

                    “I smile broadly. I feel victorious, both used for his pleasure and utterly satisfied.”

                    Vanilla women who don’t understand submission can’t conceive of how it could ever leave you felling empowered and victorious. I try to explain with the analogy that subs are artists: her mind and body are the brushes and paints that she uses to create a masterpiece of pleasure. What is a five star meal except a culinary masterpiece someone with training and talent put effort into creating for another person’s pleasure? And didn’t the chef find great enjoyment in the process and great satisfaction in the recipient’s pleasure? Different artists create pleasures for the palate, for the eyes and ears: why not for this as well?

                    The art she creates is complex and multi-layered with aspects both overt and subtle, nuanced, physically and mentally demanding: a difficult and exhilarating challenge. Of course she’s proud of being able to meet that challenge and excel, especially when not one woman in a thousand would even be willing to try.

                    She gives up everything in order to devote all of herself to the creation of erotic delights: in other contexts that’s regarded with tremendous respect. She devotes her life to her passion more than any ballerina.

                    And what more wonderful art is there to be the beneficiary of? She gives her Dom pleasures of body and mind on an entirely new level, far above simple arousal and orgasm, and she satisfies needs that go way deeper than sex. She creates performance art in every aspect of the relationship, in everything she says, every way she moves.

                    Being able to accomplish such a thing is very much a source of pride and satisfaction, empowerment and victory, but those vanilla women will never know.




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                        Thanks, CPM! I guess I used to be a vanilla woman but now I’m embracing my kinky side and loving it. You describe it well and I’m looking forward to attaining greater mastery of my craft. 🙂

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