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    Based on a chat that took place in the Main lounge last night I thought it would be fun to follow up on that.  So, are there any Vanillas in Westeros or Switches in the Iron Islands? Let’s have your opinion before winter comes…

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    I am going for Euron Greyjoy as a Dom. He was totally in a Top-space when leading his niece by a collar and chain, but I wonder if he will need to switch if he marries Cersei as I think that she is more Dom that him.

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    Yara Greyjoy-Domme, Theon Greyjob-slave, Euron greyjoy-switch, Cersei-Domme, Ramsay-little but like a brat little who takes advantage of other little when no bigs are looking and gets very stressed about his toys, maybe a dominant little too except I don’t know who wants to be his Caregiver lol

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    Lol! I have to agree with Emily, but the big question is between, Cersei-Domme, John – Dom, Daenerys – Domme or a switch just in the bedroom depending on the man who steals her heart which could be John or Jorah,  which one of those 3 is going to become the Master of the 7 Kingdoms? Jamie is a Dom but a slave to Cersei, Sansa Domme now since she’s grown up.

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    Meaux [Rev]

    I don’t think Sansa is a Dom at all.  I just think she’s a strong willed lady and has learned how to handle herself in the leadership position.  Given the right (strong enough) dominant personality she would definitely submit.


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