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      How about a section for when things don’t go according to plan? Folks can tell their story about when they made a mess of things and maybe pass on what they learned not to do next time! Funny, sexy and instructional!

      For example I could post about:

      A high school friend finding my first pair of handcuffs in my backpack and locking himself to a radiator. They were not trick cuffs and I did not have the key. The custodian and a hacksaw had to get involved.

      A girlfriend deciding we should cover ourselves in paint and have sex on huge butcher paper to make art. The lesson learned was don’t use quick drying latex.

      Tonight I dropped my sub to her knees and she was doing an excellent job, when one of our dogs came to investigate. After pushing them away four or five times I thought they left, then their head popped out between my legs and we both had to take a break to just laugh. Getting back in the proper headspace is rough but important after that as is being able to laugh it off together.


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