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        Most of my stories take their time with the buildup. I hope you’ll forgive one that’s as fast as it was to experience. Enjoy!


        Yesterday Mrs Wolff and I were out shopping with the kids and she found a wonderful Halloween costume. Multiple promises to wear it soon got me all riled up and with one munchkin down for a nap and the other distracted with lunch and a show, Mrs Wolff and I were in the kitchen. She had a pile of new pants for me to try on to check the fit and stepped in to kiss me and help undo my belt to get my current pair off. Making out while she undressed me, she knew exactly what she was doing and what she’d end up doing. Once I was standing in only boxers I asked her “You have a minute?” She grinned and replied “Of course! As long as it’s fast…” I took her by the wrist and pulled her to the pantry out of sight, pushing her in ahead of me. She turned and blinked at me innocently and asked “yes Sir, what may I do for you?”

        I growled and kissed her once more before pushing her down to her knees and taking myself out. She was happy to take me immediately in her mouth. We didn’t have a lot of time so instead of letting her work and simply enjoying, I put one hand around her throat and other behind her head and began vigorously fucking my wife’s mouth. Pressing deep enough to feel the head of my cock push into her tight throat and make it bulge under my fingers, I held her in place as my hips thrust and pounded away. I was very worked up from the morning and she was enthusiastically taking a good face fucking, more relaxed than normal about how deep I was going so I let myself go and pushed harder and deeper than usual. Long full strokes sliding out to feel her tongue under my tip then back in until I felt the construction of her throat, pushing into soft muscles tightening with restrained gagging and hard bumps of cartilage as my fingers around her throat told me just how deep I was going. She simply held on to my legs and let me thrust myself as deep and fast as I wanted until I tightened my grip on the back of her head and pulled her against me, shoving my dick deep as I began to pile over her tongue and pump shot after shot directly down her throat. That’s the only point she struggled, trying to pull back a bit as her gag reflex had her milking me with involuntary contractions. When I was spent I let her pull back, keeping my tip between her lips as she sucked out the last drops before sitting back with a smile and being helped to her feet. Another kiss and we were back in the kitchen to see if the new pants would fit.


        Finding your balance in D/s is an ongoing process and different for everyone, but settling on casual and frequent use of my sub gives us both a bounce in our step. Don’t worry, she got hers later that night.

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          WELL???? Did the new pants fit, or not?

          Don’t leave us in suspense like that!

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