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      I am curious how many subs here consider themselves an exhibitionist?  For me it’s much more fun cleaning the house if I am nude and have my butt plugged.  If my wife has a girlfriend over for a visit I like to wear short shorts and show off my shaved legs.  I wear a small bikini at the beach.  My wife is not into the bdsm scene but I know I would enjoy being a sub at a BDSM event and be stripped of my clothes.  I am pretty sure I qualify as an exhibitionist.

      Is this common among subs?

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      This is an interesting and timely question. I would say I am not in normal life – in fact, I avoid the limelight but I can get a perverse kick out of sun exhibiting my sissy sub self.

      I am just about to launch a prompt; exposed,  via @4Thoughts Meme on Twitter. The reason I chose the topic is because of my own relationship with self exposure as a form of fetishistic self humiliation and objectification.

      suise x

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      I am not sure I am naturally but my dom has turned me into one.  We are both nudists.  We rarely wear clothing anymore. In public he likes me to wear sexy things.  I am always nude so I am always surprised that it never gets old for him.   I also spend around 6 hours a week in the gym lifting weights and when the wind isn’t blowing 25 – 30 mph on a daily basis I run or cycle a lot.  So yeah, being on exhibit surely keeps me in shape.  It never fails to amaze me how my body keeps his attention.  But he is in great shape and lifts a lot, so I never get tired of looking at him either.

      One thing I like to do is buy trashy slutty lingerie and swimsuit coverups on the cheap from Walmart and Amazon.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t last long although they last just as long as the spendy stuff.  Sheer, see through, drops off the body easy, easy access.  I have the best time with it.  In winter fun $20 longish cardigan wraps and nothing else with hair piled up and cup of coffee and reading glasses for some reason will drive him to distraction just as fast.  Sex is pretty much a daily event around here.  Hard not to when we are both naked.


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      Thanks for your story.  I have so much in common with you on this subject.  I also exercise alot.  I have been exercising for 30 years.  I have a well equipped weight room in my basement and work out nude.  I also do cycling and hiking.  Fitness is very important to me.  I removed all my body hair (laser) becasue I like the way I look nude with no body hair.  I am also a nudists at heart.  As I mentioned before I wear a small bikini to the beach that shows my ass and I am comfortable at nude beaches.

      I too buy women’s slutty booty shorts and short skirts from Amazon.  I wear them at home and wear them in front of my wife’s sister.  When it’s just me and my wife I am usually nude with a cock ring.

      My wife always has clothes on and dresses normal at home so it’s just me nude or in slut wear



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      Heads up Mark!  I was perusing something different on Amazon yesterday and check out the harem pants.  Under $20 you can get some pretty sweet stuff.  Top them with a cute bralet or tank, etc. some slippers and super fun!

      Does your wife enjoy your efforts? I can’t remember if you mentioned and sorry if I forgot, but does she have a high pressure career? It seems a lot of dom/domme do.  Mine, does. That makes for a challenge as a sub for sure.  I need to be a good girl for him as he goes out and fights dragons daily.  I would never want to fight dragons but I love being his soft place to fall.

      You are special and unique sub.  Our world is small and it is a different and one and even the LGTBQ friends/family I have and my a couple of my coworkes, who cuck this husbands, thought  I was the weirdo!

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      My wife doesn’t work.  She had a career before we married but gave that up.  She enjoys her life and is able to travel all she wants (before COVID anyway).

      I am a successful business owner and have a good income.  She doesn’t need to work.  As part of our wife led marriage I gave her control of most of our savings to show I was sincere about letting her be in charge (for real, not just for kinky sex).  So she feels secure in life which is good.

      Yes she enjoys my efforts.  She has tol me many times over the past year about how happy she is now in our marriage.  I think this is something she wanted all along.  It was me that resisted her dominance.  I thought of submiision only in a sexual way.  Not anymore.

      My job can be high pressure and before COVID I had to travel alot.  For me personally I like the break in travel that COVID brought.  I have not been on an airplane for over a year and I enjoyed staying home fo a change.

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      Off late I have developed this fetish of exhibitionism. I like to roam naked in house when no one is there. Also I have recently bought a thong and like wearing it. I dream of being stripped in public, wearing a mankini or string bikini and my cock on a leash

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