Erotic Hypnosis?

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      My wife and I have found that, when she is subspace, it is very easy to put her into an almost hypnotic state. She becomes very open to suggestion, which we discovered when I inadvertently condition her to orgasm on command.

      After making this discovery, I spent a few weeks playing with it as though it were a new toy. We put it on hold after I commanded her one afternoon without any foreplay, while she she was watching a movie and knitting. She didn’t mind the orgasm, or the timing, but she was getting a little worried that this might become the only way she could climax.

      We spent a while making sure that wasn’t true, but I still use that command only sparingly. I am, however, using this suggestable state in other ways.

      Strong orgasms can leave her feeling sore the next day, so last night I talked her through a more gentle orgasm that went on for over a minute. After that, I talked her through something wonderfully kinky, and she told me afterwards that it felt completely real, impossible though that was. And it gave it two contactless orgasms.

      It’s really enhanced our sex life, and our D/s relationship, even further, and I’m hoping that I can find a way to use this technique to help a little with her chronic pain.

      Anyone else have experience with or interest in this kind of hypnosis? What works for you, and how did you start? There are resources out there — Mark Wiseman’s Erotic Hypnosis was recommended to me and did not disappoint –but I’ve found that everyone seems to find their own way, and all of their experiences are available.

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      PurpleSole just posted about this on Twitter. He has recently been doing this with LittleGem. His Twitter is @PurplesGem1. I’m sure he’d love to talk with you.

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      MJL’s Vixen Lee

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thank you for sharing this. I know Mike has tried this with his submissive wife and PS with gem. There may be more whom have tried it but I don’t know who. I hope you will continue to share on here as you grow…VL</p>

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