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      Captain’s Girl

      Ok, so I dont consider myself a little, but I am interested in the subject matter. I see a good bit from the littles, but nothing from the DDs. So, how does this dynamic work from that side? I always wonder if the feelings from the DD side is paternalistic or more of a middle ground between Dom/sub and Master/slave? Does it require more of your attention? Is it just a roll paying thing, or more of a lifestyle?

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      Hey, sorry you never got a reply sooner but I’m glad I finally have somewhere to contribute that isn’t years old, however, this is all opinionated from my own experiences without any formal research.

      So I think it always varies from person to person but for me personally, there is an appeal to treating your sub more like your bg that makes it more of a lifestyle for me. I still do very much enjoy the other two dynamics but I like being a Daddy most because I think that naturally, I’m a provider, I always have been even outside of D/s relationships (big family man) so I like having someone to care for that can also care for me. I picture it as how fathers will often put their daughters on a pedestal (not trying to be weird by comparing the two) there is some similarity. I don’t think it requires more attention but it often demands more from needy subs. I love to see my bg happy more than anything, often going out of my way to force a smile with a surprise treat or activity. And there’s something about youthful or playful energies that makes me feel more energetic and playful too, no one wants to feel old anyhow. Bratty and super excitement is very cute too, warms the heart.

      Ultimately, a Daddy’s role is to guide, structure, and train his sub much like a Dom’s role but also to provide and spoil. Or maybe it’s just a way for a nice guy to feel good about his deviant lifestyle lol. Truthfully, I feel like there’s no stronger connection.

      Hope this helps.

      Always happy to share my thoughts if you have anymore questions.

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      This sums it up

      This sums it up. I retract my previous statement, they do indeed require more attention.

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        My daddy says the same. He is a “nice guy” too  and couldn’t imagine being any other kind of dom because he wants to nurture me and see me grow through my submission to him.

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      So ill be the one to apologize that i havent looked at forums at all or i would have made a post a long time ago. i see myslef as a little brat myself without a daddy but if any advice could be given would be perfect. even if its d/s advice ill take.

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      Any ideas on punishments and rewards for littles?

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      Keep on being your bratty self your Daddy will find you.

      Rewards, punishments, and severity depend on the individual mostly but I’ll share my experiences.


      Minor- Treats, new toys/accessories (stuffie, make-up, paints), bedtime extensions, playtime, (minor) bratty passes for little slip-ups, “5 more minutes” to spend on whatever activity, extra squeezes (hug/cuddle).

      Mid- Special dates, trips to places you love, maybe a punishment pass if you’re really good.

      Major- A toughy. Maybe a big gift like a new pet or even vacations (even better, make them surprises)


      Minor- Timeout, not so fun spankings, confiscating certain things, giving you the upset face for a time, giving your “attention” away to someone else (maybe that person you hate),

      Mid- Grounding, embarrassment, bad girl/boy rituals, no bed or blankets, no tables or utensils, cancel plans or surprises.

      Major- Giving away/ trashing something important but not essential (unless you don’t shape up.)

      This is broader but it can definitely become much more personalized to you.

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      Beth [MM]

      There is an awesome book called the The Big Book for Littles: Tips & Tricks for Age Players & Their Partners by Penny Barber. It covers littles/middles and caregivers/bigs, ageplay (role play) and caregiver/little as a lifestyle, activities, punishments, etc. It’s pretty comprehensive.

      “So, how does this dynamic work from that side? I always wonder if the feelings from the DD side is paternalistic or more of a middle ground between Dom/sub and Master/slave? Does it require more of your attention? Is it just a roll paying thing, or more of a lifestyle?”

      Like all roles being a Daddy is very individual. Some are very strict, some very indulgent, and some in between or a mix of both. My Daddy is very supportive and likes to spoil me a little. For us it’s both role play and lifestyle.

      As for punishments and rewards they should fit the situation and the individual. Reward ideas: food treats, new book or toy, special activity or outing. Punishment ideas: corner time, writing lines or apology letter, extra chores, spanking, sitting or kneeling on something painful/uncomfortable.

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      Im a babgirl but not a little.  It distinguishes me from being a slave, or service sub, and affirms my dom as head of household and provider and protector. It means i get spanked for punishment but never humiliated, belittled or berated because those make my babygirl self cry and feel sad instead if submissive and contrite (and they are not kinky for us). I am never ever a brat. I thrive on being his “good girl”.   Daddy is a dom but one that provides structure and caring and protection. We have rules and rituals that reinforce that power exchange so that daddy is attentive and i am submitting to him because he anticipates and meets  all my needs as a daddy should.

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        Captain’s Girl

        Thank you for this. The clarification makes 100% sense to me.  And coincidentally relates to what triggered the original question.

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      Captain’s Girl

      Thank you all for the input and info. The responses have provided a lot of insight.

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      I am also interested in this topic, but I’m not sure where Master and I fit, or if this is the same thing or it’s just a horrible thing we do that we shouldn’t. Kind of a longish post probably, but I don’t want anyone thinking badly of my Master, so I want to fill in details to hopefully make this okay.

      So as Master and I got to know each other over the past two years we started out sharing our surface kinks. While kinks they were, it was mostly tame. But we kept pushing our admissions to each other further and further. Then one day Master said that since we already know most of the worst (A.K.A. best) things about each other’s “depraved” minds we should just get it all out. The things that we have been afraid or embarrassed to share. We had been compatibly depraved so far so what’s a few more revelations just to completely 100% know everything about each other.

      I won’t share all the gory/juicy details but one of the things I shared with him was something that I had thought about since I was 12 years old and discovered what orgasms were.

      When I first started masturbating I was 12 and had just started going thru puberty. I accidentally discovered what an orgasm was while I was in a shower and using a hand held shower head with a really nice spray. From that point on I was ready to shower anytime. But as I continued to orgasm the desire to have something inside of me grew exponentially and I definitely found things that would fit. It felt glorious and it wasn’t long before I wanted to have sex and have the real thing inside. Due to circumstances and reason, I never did have sex until I was 17 but my entire life I’ve thought about that craving and I know for certain that if the right person had been there who was gentle and instructive I would have had sex with him and loved it very much.

      So I told Master of this and all the fantasies I had over my entire life about what it would have felt like to have sex during that time and we talked about it and then started doing some written role play that touched on it.  Before long we had a story developed about him finding me as a young girl and bringing me home with him.  This is a fully fleshed out written story at this point, and in that story he found me lost in the woods and brought me home. At first it was just to care for me but because I had no where to go I stayed with him. He cared for me and I started calling him Daddy. But then as things went on we (as the characters in the story) started having sexual thoughts about each other. On my side innocent somewhat because I was 12, and on his side, lust, but kept in check so far, because I was 12.

      In the story we are writing we haven’t progressed to being overtly sexual yet, but in our real life role play we call each other Daddy and sugar when that is the theme of our sexy stuff. And we act out the role including me being age 12. This has very much intensified the fantasy I’ve always had about 12 year old me, effectively bringing it to life in my mind.

      We both struggled with this at first because neither one of us is a pedophile and at times we wondered if this is just across the line.

      I have zero idea what the dynamic of a Dd/lg relationship might be, but I’ve always wondered if that’s where this thing we do fits, or if we’re just sickos to the inth degree! 😬😅

      I can’t even say why I shared this all here. I’ve never told anyone other than Master about this. But y’all have made me feel very comfortable. I hope I’m not taking advantage of that with this overly, far to long, and far to personal post. If this offends anyone I’ll definitely remove it.


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        Stray, one of the first things you need to know is that having DD/lg fantasies DOES NOT MAKE YOU A PEDOPHILE! Just as having rape fantasies doesn’t make you a rapist. We all have things that turn us on. One couple does play where the sub is a puppy, but her Dom has no more desire to have sex with a dog than your Dom does to have sex with a child. Fantasies are a normal part of our psyche and acting them out through role play or scenes is a natural progression of them. I don’t think there is anything wrong with your Dom helping to bring this fantasy to reality for you, as long as you both enjoy it. As for a DD/lg dynamic, here’s a quick explanation:

        “DDLG is an acronym that stands for “Daddy Dom Little Girl”. DD/LG is a type of BDSM relationship where the dominant partner takes on the role of a nurturing OR strict caregiver (ie: Daddy), while the submissive takes on the role of a youthful “child” (ie: Little Girl).

        DDLG relationships involve the submissive age-regressing to a younger and more child-like state of mind, while giving up some degree of control, and allowing themselves to be “taken care of” by their dominant partner”

        Thats definitely not all inclusive but gives you a quick outline.

        Now, the second thing you need to know is you are not offending anyone here by asking questions. We are always happy to chime in on subjects if we think we can help. So don’t hesitate to post, long or short. This group is full of wonderful people who have a lot of knowledge and who are always willing to lend someone a shoulder if they need it.


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      Thanks for the reply. So it sounds like DD/lg has less or no sexual component compared to what I’ve described?


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        Not necessarily. I think what you are describing for you and your master is age play, not a DD/lg dynamic that is there all the time. But even in a full time DD/lg dynamic it can be sexual just like any other dynamic. The DD may provide stricter rules for his sub because she needs more structure in her life, or he may focus more as a caregiver because she responds more to positive rewards. She may regress in age and enjoy coloring and playing with toys to calm herself or just find pleasure, but they are still consenting adults who also may have a sexual component. I’m know expert by any stretch but you can find tons of information online that can describe it better than I am. The main thing is it’s not weird, or wrong and has nothing to do with pedophilia and you and your master should enjoy it as just another expression of your D/s dynamic.

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      “And we act out the role including me being age 12.”

      The key point is “act out a role.” You’re not really a child: it’s just a role. A fun, exciting, daring, kinky, forbidden, sweetly affectionate role, but it’s not real. Well, except for the sweetly affectionate part, lol.

      I’m not really a school principal who wants a non-consenting teen, I want an adult consenting woman to play the role of a non-consenting teen. Your Daddy doesn’t want to have sex with a child, he wants an adult consenting woman to play the role.

      You’re harming no one, you’re having fun, you’re both happy: at that point you really should just stop caring what anyone thinks, but if it matters? Well: we think you’re just fine.

      You may have to be discrete around vanilla folks (most of us do), but there’s always a seat at the table for you here.



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