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      My wife and I are new to the D/s scene, well officially anyway. She had indicated that it was just for the bedroom but has begun to submit to me in subtle ways outside of it.  Asking that I approve or pick her clothing for the day and what if any makeup she should wear. Kneeling before me when she wants her done.


      The question here is, is it possible to keep D/s confined to the bedroom or is it something that would generally leach out into everyday life anyway.

      PS not at all complaining that it is just curious.

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      Beth [MM]

      It really dependents on the preferences of those involved in the relationship. I think many here started in the bedroom and have broadened it to encompass some, most, or all of their relationship. But if it’s only desired in the bedroom it doesn’t need to go beyond that. There is no right way, just whatever works for those involved.

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      that does make sense.  Appreciate the insight.  

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      I would say the best way to approach this is to let your D/s take a natural path.  Trying to fit your dynamic into the shape  of others, or what general writting says you should be only adds pressure.  If your D/s is currently in the bedroom and it works, stay there. If one day it spills over and becomes something else, stop and evaluate what is going on.  Each to their own!

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      That’s a good point about stopping to evaluate. Will keep that in mind

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      Our D/s relationship is quite new, although we’ve been together for 16 years. It started out as a bit of play, every now and then, but slowly became more and more important to us to the point that we’ve recently decided to ‘give in to it’ and establish a proper D/s side to our ongoing life.

      Originally, it was going to be bedroom-only, but we’re finding that we both enjoy carrying it over into our daily lives in a very discrete way– she has a couple of different pieces of jewellery we use as day collars or ‘out-of-house’ collars; I might occasionally command her to take a toy or other item to work in her bag and carry it around with her; we text; I might command her to complete a task while she’s out in the ‘Real World’…… we’re not openly displaying behaviours, because we live in a small town and it would, unfortunately, negatively impact our professional lives. But we are finding ways to add some frisson to our out-of-the-bedroom lives, so I can see a point where we’ll strengthen our D/s behaviour more regularly throughout each day.

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