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      How do you create a great environment for when you want to play?  Is it lights, camera, action? Or, Lighting, music and a crop?

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      It’s a pity that captive eyes and I won’t be around to participate in the chat next Wednesday (Time difference, we’re in California USA) regarding accessories, but I think it might fall into the setting the scene title above. Our last play was exquisite with My girl getting to our venue before Me, but no matter, she had prepared herself to perfection. .I am not exaggerating when I say her lovely curvy figure would flatter a woman twenty years her junior. But anyway…she was wearing a sheer dark red robe over black underwear and the most divine ankle strapped close toed five inch stilettos…And that is when I sat in the corner and instructed her to strut around the room…Oh boy can she strut! Akin to watching a gazelle carefully threading it’s way across ground, and not once did she take her eyes off mine, spinning on one foot, not once breaking her her stride, lifting each foot and replacing  on the floor with the click only stilettos can make…


      I’ll leave you all to imagine the rest, but it involved rope, My belt, My hands, and such beauty.

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