Can D/s be non sexual?

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      I’m pretty new to the whole D/s thing and I was wondering if a D/s relationship could be non sexual? I know most are sexual, but I wasn’t sure if that kind of relationship was possible without the sexual element.

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      Hi Rosiefox.  Well that is an interesting question because as you say, a lot of D/s relationships are sexual.  My short answer is yes, a D/s relationship can be non-sexual for the simple reason that a couple’s relationship is their own.  A Dominance and submissive dynamic is very much about a power exchange, and no one says sex has to be involved; in fact that would be like saying when you aren’t having sex, you’re not D/s for that period of time!

      Some D/s relationships have elements of Domestic Service or DDlg  where sex isn’t the driving force, so again that doesn’t make you not D/s.  How you shape you relationship whether it be face to face or long distance, a power exchange can exist quite happily I would imagine.


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      Yes it can ❤️

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      Yes. Its a style of relationship and can include sex or not. Not all D/s relationships are kinky. It is part of our 24/7  power exchange  but not all power exchange relationships are sexual.

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