Can D/s be non sexual?

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      I’m pretty new to the whole D/s thing and I was wondering if a D/s relationship could be non sexual? I know most are sexual, but I wasn’t sure if that kind of relationship was possible without the sexual element.

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      Hi Rosiefox.  Well that is an interesting question because as you say, a lot of D/s relationships are sexual.  My short answer is yes, a D/s relationship can be non-sexual for the simple reason that a couple’s relationship is their own.  A Dominance and submissive dynamic is very much about a power exchange, and no one says sex has to be involved; in fact that would be like saying when you aren’t having sex, you’re not D/s for that period of time!

      Some D/s relationships have elements of Domestic Service or DDlg  where sex isn’t the driving force, so again that doesn’t make you not D/s.  How you shape you relationship whether it be face to face or long distance, a power exchange can exist quite happily I would imagine.


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      Yes it can ❤️

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      Yes. Its a style of relationship and can include sex or not. Not all D/s relationships are kinky. It is part of our 24/7  power exchange  but not all power exchange relationships are sexual.

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      I think that connection and intimacy are the driving factors for many people, and the way in which they are expressed is up to the relationship. Interesting question, it is definitely leaving me thinking about this.

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      Missy (Founder)

      For us there is a sexual charge to it which really helps to consolidate all the different aspects of our relationship as it is a thread that runs through it. I do need the emotional connection to crave the physical though whereas HL often seeks the physical as a means to support the emotional. We have times that there is more sex, more play and more scenes and other times that there is less. I do think that ebbs and flows will be natural and sometimes the sexual side just isn’t possible for whatever reason. Ultimately D/s is about the power exchange. It is about meeting the needs of the other person and showing this through openness, honesty and respect. I think what that involves and how it plays out very much depends on the couple although D/s is part of BDSM and so for most, there is kink involved.

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