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      Hello all,


      My husband and I have been married for almost 22 years.  Recently, he brought up beginning at D/s relationship with me.   I have always enjoyed submission in the bedroom.  However, this was so new and crazy to me.

      He has put forth so much thought and effort into what he wants.  He’s worked on some rituals that he’d like to put in place.   They are very intimate and loving.  He is concerned that since both of our children are in college now, that we will lose imtimacy and our committment to one other.  We love each other dearly.

      He works away from home and is home each weekened or every other weekend.  So, while he is gone, I will be living my life as normal.  Getting back into my sub headspace will be quite difficult for me, I think.  Any advice?

      I have enjoyed reading the blogs here and I have learned so much!

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      Hi Southern Sub. Sorry not to reply to you sooner. I have found that rituals can help to get me into the right headspace. We have had different transition rituals for when I come in from work as that took a bit of a switch to be in the right frame of mind. I think that when he comes back something which will set you firmly in the place of sub and him as Dom might help. What that is will depend on both of you of course. Something which symbolising the handing back of control?

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